I Tried Marie Kondo's New "Hikidashi" Boxes, and They Made Organizing 10x Easier

Marie Kondo's tidying philosophy might seem startlingly simple, but there's no doubt it has had a profound global reach. Her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has sold more than 10 million copies in over 40 countries, and the softly spoken Japanese native recently inked a deal with Netflix to turn the KonMari method into an eight-part reality series. It seems that is just the start.

Her global influence is clear when New York's lifestyle media is called to a light-filled showroom in Union Square for a special announcement. We're told only two things: that Kondo herself will be present and that her news will be "big." Journalists jostle for a seat at the front of the room, iPhones ready to snap the Japanese tidying queen, and we erupt into applause when Kondo bursts through the curtains smiling and waving. Though tiny in stature, she commands attention on the podium. Using a translator, she tells us her exciting news: KonMari is launching its first-ever product, Hikidashi Box sets designed to help organize items that spark joy. Boxes? Editors exchange glances.

"There is no other tool more helpful when tidying than boxes," she explains. "I am the greatest box fanatic! In my own home, I've used over 50 boxes and combined them to create storage plans," she says, holding a pink matte cardboard box from the new line, which is available for preorder from July 24. Available in four colorways, each set features six boxes designed to enhance the KonMari method. Sound simple? Like her tidying method, we should know better than to underestimate it. Here's what happened when we put her first-ever product to the test.