How to Organize Your Home the Kourtney Kardashian Way

Keeping Up With the Kardashians fandom aside, Kourtney Kardashian knows a thing or two about creating and keeping a beautiful home. In addition to her reality television and entrepreneurial chops, Kardashian is an admitted Pinterest lover (celebs, they're just like us!), something of an amateur interior designer, and a mother of three. All of which is just to say her advice for keeping an organized home, which the star shared with Vogue, is worth listening to. Read on for some of her best tips.

Storage should pair well with your décor.

We're big fans of beautiful storage solutions. They just make everyone's lives easier. Kardashian agrees, touting a lineup of leather baskets perfect for storing toys. “I got these big leather baskets that look great in the living room, and I put them behind the couch. This is where the kids play a lot, so I keep their toys in the baskets and in a couple of drawers. It looks good, and they can just throw their stuff in there and don’t have to put it back in any special way.”

Everyone needs a junk drawer.

Being neat and organized at home does not require being superhuman. A little bit of clutter, so long as it is under control, is perfectly okay. “I definitely have a junk drawer—a couple, in fact.” Honesty for the win! To make sure your drawer stays in check, make a point to purge items from it regularly.

Think strategically for kitchen storage.

No matter the size of your kitchen, Kardashian proposes thinking strategically. “When I was reorganizing the kitchen not too long ago, I really wanted to walk through and say, ‘Okay, if I’m standing at the stove and I need to grab a ladle, where is the best place to keep it so it’s handy?’ or ‘If I’m making tea, where do I want the teacups so they are easy to grab when the water boils?’ I think making sure that everything is in its proper place is important in a kitchen, big or small.” We couldn’t agree more.

Always enlist a friend.

Setting out to clean out your closet? Call up a friend or two you trust, à la Sex and the City, and make an evening of it. “They can help put things into perspective: telling you what should be given up and what shouldn’t,” shares Kardashian. When you start purging, do the dirty work one category at a time. Going through all of your dresses, sweaters, then outerwear, for example, will help you think holistically of each category and help you make the tough calls and also avoid decisions you may later regret.

Feeling inspired? Shop our pick of the most stylish storage solutions, then visit Vogue for more of Kourtney Kardashian’s organization secrets.

What are some of your best tips for keeping your home tidy year-round? Share them with us in the comments.