Tour Kourtney Kardashian's Insane Walk-In Pantry

Khloé Kardashian usually steals the limelight for her next-level organization skills, but new images of Kourtney's walk-in pantry reveal that the older sister has a knack for storage, too. 

In an article for her eponymous website, Kourtney explains her interest in organization started when she had her first son, Mason. "The way I organize my pantry is partly because I like how it looks, but also because food storage is important to your health," the reality star says. "When I had Mason, I got really into researching the safest way to store food (and serve food, which is why I only use stainless steel plates and cups for the kids)." The result? An impeccable, well-organized space that looks straight out of Whole Foods.

Take a look inside Kourtney's insanely organized pantry, and try her top three storage hacks to style your own. 

Think Kourtney Kardashian's pantry is organized? See how sister Khloé's compares.