The Empowering Morning Routine Kristen Bell Shares With Her Daughters

Kristen Bell is championing a cause close to our hearts and wallets—affordable healthy eats. As a working mom on screen and off (Bell stars in Bad Moms, in theaters Friday, and is the mother of two girls), her enthusiasm for seeing families flourish in the nutritious living column more than matches our own. That's why when she reached out in support of a new petition that implores the USDA to allow food stamps to be used online, we were more than game to connect.

At present, low-income families and individuals on the American food stamp program are unable to purchase groceries online. Over 23.5 million Americans living in low-income areas reside more than one mile from a large grocery store. While 74% of low-income Americans have access to the internet, only 30% have access to a car.

These astounding statistics inspired Bell to galvanize behind a petition started by Thrive Market, the venerable all-natural online health food grocer. With over 200,000 signatures already in place, the movement hopes to bring about a streamlined, simple solution to the "food desert" epidemic.

Wildly down to earth and charmingly candid, Bell easily ranks among our favorite leading ladies. The House of Lies star is set to topline Michael Shur's (The Office, Parks and Recreation) new NBC television comedy, The Good Place. Bell plays Eleanor, a New Jersey woman looking to turn over a new leaf upon realizing she may not be all that "good" of a person. In her personal life, Bell is equally grounded in self-betterment and well-being. We caught up with the mother and actress to talk being good, being bad, and everything in between—including her personal tips on empowering morning routines for toddlers (they're good).