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Take a Sneak Peek Inside Both Kylie and Kris Jenner's Los Angeles Homes

Mumager Kris Jenner and her youngest daughter Kylie—who at 21 is on track to becoming the youngest self-made billionaire ever—recently unveiled their newly finished homes to Architectural Digest, offering a closer look into their lives not shown on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The mother and daughter both purchased homes located in the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Hidden Hills, allowing them to design a space of their own while remaining close to one another.

With distinct visions and the help of multiple designers, both Jenners have created their dream homes, each oozing with individual personality, stunning artwork, and undeniably chic furnishings. Keep reading to catch a glimpse of Kris and Kylie's Architectural Digest covers, as well as a preview of their home's interiors.

Kris Jenner Architectural Digest
William Abranowicz for Architectural Digest

The matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan worked with AD100 designer Waldo Fernandez and mother-and-son design team Kathleen and Tommy Clements to bring her vision of a serene, retreat-like home to life. Although she expressed her desire for the abode to feel zen and peaceful, she allowed her design team to interpret her vision as they saw fit. "Kris is a total boss, Tommy tells AD. "That's what makes her so successful. She doesn't ponder and worry. She makes a decision and moves on."

Despite the fact that Kris was rather hands-off in the design process, the home evokes her sophisticated tastes and features many décor details that the momager brought to the table from her personal collections. "This house was a great opportunity for her to express her love of art and design," Fernandez says. The designer is referring to the impressive items that Kris already had in her possession before their design process began. For instance, a Prouvé daybed, Pierre Jeanneret chairs, and contemporary art from the likes of Yves Klein and Yoshitomo Nara. 

William Abranowicz for Architectural Digest

If you frequently tune into KUWTK, you may think you already know Kris' design style and tastes; however, her sanctuary in Hidden Hills is a far cry from the interiors of her home often featured on the reality show. It looks classic and relaxed despite the luxe pieces from high street designers and artists. "I've been collecting furniture and making houses for a lifetime. I've had so many different types of homes in so many different styles," Kris admits.

After so much time in the public eye and with an unimaginably busy schedule to keep up with, it's no surprise that Kris was looking for a home that could serve as a true respite from her hectic days. "I'm always running a million miles an hour," she tells AD. "I wanted my home to feel like a sanctuary, perfectly calm and peaceful." One look inside the Los Angeles home and it's clear she achieved the easy breezy atmosphere she wanted.

Kylie Jenner Architectural Digest
Douglas Friedman for Architectural Digest

Young Kylie's ultra-glamorous home couldn't differ more from her mother's peaceful abode. Located in the same Hidden Hills neighborhood, the entrepreneur's new home exudes a youthful, playful energy thanks to the help of AD100 designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. "When we started this project, she wasn't even old enough to drink legally," Bullard notes. "This was her first really grown-up house," he continues.

If you'd built the empire that Kylie has at her age, your home might look something like the contemporary, glam palace the cosmetics queen created. It's equal parts Barbie dream house and pop art gallery while remaining suitable for real life. "The look is glamorous but totally inviting," Bullard tells AD. "Kylie loves to have people over and there's nothing so precious that you can't stand, jump, or dance on it," he adds. This marriage of practicality and highly decorative is fitting for the young mother, who welcomed baby Stormi Webster with rapper Travis Scott just over one year ago.

Douglas Friedman for Architectural Digest

"I told Martyn I wanted a fresh, fun vibe to match the way I was feeling," Kylie says. "Color was essential. I love pink and I wanted a lot of it," she adds. Just take a look inside her so-called "glam room" to see the kind of pink paradise she had in mind. It's undeniably lively, dynamic and expressive of Kylie's own personality and lifestyle.

Upon closer examination, the home also skillfully pays homage to the makeup titan's business Kylie Cosmetics. In the dining room, an array of custom dyed pink chairs match the colors of products from Kylie's lipstick collection. And in the living room, drips of brass mimic the iconic design of the line's packaging. "I have a lot of Kylie Cosmetics, awards, and my magazine covers around the house that inspire me on a daily basis. I am very proud of what I’ve accomplished," Kylie admits. 

Curious to see more of the Jenner's homes? Head to Architectural Digest for the full tour of both Kylie and Kris' homes.