Kylie Jenner Is the Only 18-Year-Old With a $6 Million Home

Updated 07/09/18

Call it the house that lipstick built. Kylie Jenner just purchased a lavish $6 million home in Hidden Hills, California, likely thanks in no small part to the mini fortune amassed through her best-selling cosmetics line, among other endeavors.

The 7000-square-foot property would make any 18-year-old blush, but this is already Jenner’s second home. The just-built six-bedroom, seven-bathroom property comes equipped with an extensive list of ultra-luxe amenities, as well. Among them are an all-stone bath, cavernous walk-in closets that should be more than adequate to store Jenner’s extensive wardrobe, a theater room, a refrigerated wine cellar, hardwood floors throughout, and a four-car garage.

Jenner’s home will likely become the epicenter of her friends’ social lives as well, thanks to its vast grounds that include a solar-heated pool, a concrete area perfect for playing basketball, a designated barbecue area, and of course fountains.

It’s hard to believe that the home you see below now belongs to an 18-year-old, but Jenner has made the impressive transition from reality TV star to burgeoning business mogul pretty seamlessly. And now she’s got the mansion to prove it.

Help pad the young entrepreneur’s fortune by purchasing some Kylie Cosmetics, and enjoy a glimpse at the teen mogul’s home below.

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