Hosting This Labor Day? 4 Simple Dishes That Will Seriously Impress

Updated 07/26/17

Since we know Labor Day signals that summer is coming to an end, it’s only normal that we feel a certain responsibility to do the holiday right. And the only way to do a summer holiday justice is to enjoy the right foods and beverages with close family and friends… so here’s to hunting down the best Labor Day recipes together. Summer food is all about in-season produce, bright colors, bold flavors, and treating yourself to things maybe you normally wouldn’t eat alone (and hey, it’s so much better when you savor food in the company of others).

The best Labor Day recipes are also simple to prepare so you don’t have to coop yourself up in the kitchen all day (what’s the fun in that?). Speaking of which, our criteria for the below was that it all had to be insanely delicious, could be prepared in 15 minutes or less, and would be devoured by the end of the day. Operation impossible, you say? Just wait until you see the four best Labor Day recipes we found.


Champagne Mojitos

summer food
Foodie Crush

Does anything say “summer” quite like a minty mojito? Yeah, we think not. We’re loving this version of the cocktail because you can make a big pitcher and pour from it all day long. All you need to do is muddle the mint, Thai basil, sugar, and lime wedges (yes, it may take a little while, but you’ll be happy you did later on in the day). Add rum, cold cava, and then pour into glasses over ice when ready to serve. Top with fresh mint or some extra Thai basil for a pretty garnish.


Cheesy Corn Dip With Green Chilies

labor day recipes
The Beach House Kitchen

We’ve heard of corn chips, but never corn dip, so needless to say we were intrigued. This simple hot dip is made from cream cheese, a little sour cream, white shoepeg corn, yellow sweet corn, green chilies, and jalapeño jack and cheddar cheeses. Put it in a casserole dish (with cheese on top), and bake it until it bubbles and the top browns. Serve with your favorite tortilla chips or even some pita if you want something a little heartier. Delicious—and packed with veggies.


Arugula Peach Ricotta Pizza With Crispy Bacon

Half Baked Harvest

Okay, you’re probably thinking—why not a barbecue dish? Well, you can make this summery pizza on the grill if you’d like… so there’s that option. Also, it’s the time of year to take advantage of peaches, which happen to be in season and are sweeter than ever. Trust us, once you taste this delectable thin crust pizza with arugula, peach, ricotta, and bacon, you won’t be able to imagine eating anything else for Labor Day. As for what to serve those who don’t eat meat? Simply make one pie without bacon.


Easy Strawberry Eton Mess

Labor day dessert
Mitzy at Home

This traditional English dessert is new to us, but we can see why it’s popular across the pond. First of all, it’s whipped up in a mere 10 minutes, and secondly, it’s bursting with the flavor of ripe strawberries. It’s made by combining sliced strawberries, powdered sugar, whipping cream, vanilla bean paste, and pale green and pink meringues—we think it looks best served in a small cup. The result is a medley of meringue, strawberry, and whipped cream… and the red, pink, and green hues give the dessert a seasonal pop of color.

What are you going to do to celebrate Labor Day this year? Are you sad to see summer end? Be sure to tell us in the comments.

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