Christofle Designs the Most Gorgeous Tech Gear

If you recognize the name Christofle, it most likely from the fine silver ware your parents set out at their annual Thanksgiving dinner. Never would expect to see it beside your beloved notebook computer, but think again. The French luxury brand has teamed up with digital storage brand LaCie to create the world's most gorgeous external hard drive. LaCie-Sphere-Hard-Drive-Christofle-1Like Christofle's beautifully sculpted spoons, the LaCie Christofle Sphère, available at for $490, is hand-crafted and silver-plated in Yainville, France. The globe-shape device, which offers 1TB of storage, requires no power cable and hooks up to your computer easily with a USB cable that also powers it. Did we mention that it also looks like it could tell your fortune? Your fortune is that you'll never have that Carrie Bradshaw moment of forgetting to back up your hard drive again. laciesphere