Lady Gaga Just Opened Up About Her Battle With Fibromyalgia

Updated 09/13/17
Jason Merritt /Getty Images

Lady Gaga is known to champion the rights of underrepresented groups, and now the singer, songwriter, and actress is stepping forward as the face of fibromyalgia. Her personal struggle with the disorder will be revealed in her new documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, streaming on Netflix September 22, according to The Mighty.

Gaga confirmed in a tweet that the cause of the chronic pain she has dealt with for years is fibromyalgia—a disorder resulting in widespread muscle pain and fatigue. Gaga is one of the estimated 5 million Americans affected by the disease, which explains the powerful response her initial tweet received on Twitter from others suffering from fibromyalgia, looking for support and advice. "I wish to help raise awareness & connect people who have it," she wrote in a tweet.

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last week. "My pain does me no good unless I transform it into something that is. So I hope people watching it who do struggle with chronic pain know that they're not alone," Gaga said at the premiere.

Watch the trailer for Gaga: Five Foot Two on Netflix now, and take a tour of her quirky home next.

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