30 Lake Décor Ideas That Have Us Dreaming of Vacation

lake decor ideas

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Warmer weather brings with it day trips, weekend getaways, and vacations. And the best of some of those trips are to the lake. If you're lucky enough to have a lake house (and with it, an endless supply of lake days), you may be wondering how to best style and decorate it. We've rounded up 30 of our favorite lake house décor ideas so that your home will be in tip-top shape this lake season.

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Have Fun With Décor

fun lake house decor

rikki snyder

Don't be afraid to use décor that's quirkier than your usual style in a lake house. Vacation homes are the perfect place to let loose—both lifestyle-wise and design-wise.

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Let Your View Become the Centerpiece

lake decor ideas view centerpiece

arbor & co

In living rooms with fantastic views, don't feel pressured to create a perfectly curated décor look. Instead, let your view do the talking and center the rest of your room around it.

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Add a Gallery Wall

lake decor ideas gallery wall

mindy gayer design co

Wall art is a great way to complement the style of your home and add to its charm. Take the lake house—a gallery or feature wall in a living room can show off some fun lake or cabin prints to create a cozy look.

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Use Bright Colors

lake decor ideas bright colors

erin williamson design

Lake houses aren't all dark and moody colors (as great as this look is). Instead, consider using some fun bright colors. This is an easy way to incorporate some retro style too.

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Make Room for Conversation

conversation seating lake decor ideas

mindy gayer design co

Lake houses are places of relaxation, relationships, and conversation. So don't forget to create spaces for just that. Position living room furniture to make space for late-night convos, rather than orienting all seating towards the TV.

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Fill Your Fireplace

lake decor ideas fireplace

katie leclerq

Stuck with an unused fireplace? Rather than leaving it empty, fill it with some birch or oak logs. Just because the fireplace isn't functional doesn't mean it can't add to the décor of your lake house.

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Wallpaper Your Steps

lake decor ideas wallpaper steps

mindy gayer design co

Wallpapered, tiled, or painted steps are a great way to add a unique look to an oft-forgotten space. Use the same wallpaper that you use elsewhere in your lake house—like in a half-bath or guest room—to tie it into the space.

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Have a Cozy Seat

lake decor ideas cozy seating

katie leclerq

Cozy seating is an absolute must for any lake house. Pick plush, relaxing chairs to start, then add in warm throws and sink-right-in pillows.

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Add a Window Seat

lake decor ideas window seating

mindy gayer design co

To take advantage of your lake house's stunning view, why not add a window seat? To create one, find a sunny corner and add a cozy chair with a few cushions.

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Have an Open Kitchen

lake decor ideas open kitchen

mindy gayer design co

Open kitchens allow for casual conversation among family and friends, even in the midst of dinner prep—a must for lake house kitchens.

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Celebrate the Tiny Kitchen

lake decor ideas tiny kitchen

arbor & co

If your lake house is on the smaller side, you may have a smaller kitchen to boot—but don't let this be of any concern, as you can still make even a tiny kitchen look great. Focus on picking the perfect backsplash to make the space stand out.

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Take Inspiration From Your Surroundings

inspiration from surroudnings lake decor ideas

Mindy Gayer Design Co

When picking the colors for your lake house, take inspiration from your surroundings. That's why we love this kitchen from Mindy Gayer Design Co, decked out in a beautifully nautical blue.

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Install Tile in Fun Patterns

lake decor ideas pattern tile

erin williamson design

Unique tiling patterns bring an eye-catching touch to any space, and the kitchen is no different. To make this look lake house-worthy, use earthy tones and mimic natural patterns, like mountains, trees and water,

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Combine Spaces

lake decor ideas combine spaces

arbor & co

If your lake house doesn't have room for a formal dining room, don't despair. Instead, embrace the casual look and add an informal breakfast nook to your existing kitchen.

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Bring in the Views

lake decor ideas bathroom view

erin williamson design

Stunning window views in the living room are a no-brainer, but don't forget that you can have great views in other parts of the home too. This bathroom, from Erin Williamson Design, takes advantage of its lakeside views to the fullest.

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Don't Forget Natural Materials

lake decor ideas natural materials

mindy gayer design co

Natural materials in a lake house help bring the outside in, and it can be as simple as embracing wood paneling in unexpected spaces, like the bathroom.

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Install Blue-Green Tile

lake decor ideas blue green tile

mindy gayer design co

Blue-green tile in a lake house bathroom is an easy reminder of the tranquil waters that sit outside the home's door. Use this color in other areas of the home to evoke a similar feeling.

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Bring Décor Into the Bathroom

lake decor ideas bathroom decor

mindy gayer design co

Believe it or not, wall décor does belong in the bathroom. Pick something simple to hang above the toilet or on an empty wall. We like the adventure-themed banner in this bathroom from Mindy Gayer Design Co.

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Use Casual Textiles

lake decor ideas natural linens

katie leclerq

Down-to-earth textiles, like linen, tartan, and muslin, are the perfect addition to a lake house full of relaxed style. After all, a vacation home is not the place for formality.

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Add a Daybed

lake house decor daybed

rikki snyder

If you have a finished attic or loft space in your guest house, consider adding a daybed or futon for a dual-purpose seating or sleeping area.

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Bring in a Bunk Room

lake decor ideas bunkroom

mindy gayer design co

Need to fit a crowd? Add a bunk room to your lake house to up your bed count by 3, 4 or even 5. Bunk rooms are a great way to sleep lots of kids, but they can be used for adults too—just use double or queen beds instead of twins.

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Add Pine Walls

lake decor ideas pine walls

arbor & co

Pine walls bring rustic beauty to the bedroom, and they're an affordable wall covering to match. To make pine shine in a lake house bedroom, use whites and contrasting browns alongside of it.

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Embrace Low Ceilings

lake decor ideas low ceilings

arbor & co

Attic bedrooms or bedrooms with otherwise tricky walls are common in lake houses. But rather than being annoyed at the multitude of opportunities for head-bumping, embrace the cozy character that low ceilings can bring.

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Use Room Screens

room screen lake decor ideas

erin williamson design

To break up or diffuse daylight from large lake house windows, add a room screen (bonus points if it includes fun patterns). Screens will add privacy and a break from the beating sun, all while being able to be easily stored away.

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Add a Chandelier

lake decor ideas chandelier

erin williamson design

Even though the style of most lake houses veers more casual than formal, that doesn't mean you can't bring in a little fancy fun either. A modern chandelier can add a unique dash of formality to an otherwise casual space.

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Install Farmhouse Fixtures

lake decor ideas farmhouse

katie leclerq

Farmhouse-style light fixtures are a great pick for lake houses, thanks to their down-home look and rustic style.

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Show Off Your Exposed Ceilings

lake decor ideas exposed ceilings

arbor & co

If you're lucky enough to have a lake house that features exposed wood ceilings or beams, show them off. (Don't you dare cover them up with a drop ceiling.) These rustic showstoppers are lake house character builders like nothing else.

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Make It a Double

lake decor ideas double patio

arbor & co

To make the most of your lake house view, don't settle for just one level of seating—instead, make your patio a double decker for twice the space to enjoy the view.

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Add a Fire Pit

lake decor ideas firepit

mindy gayer design co

Fire pits are an outdoor space must-have, especially at a lake houses. To keep the smoke at bay, look for a smokeless or low-smoke option.

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Keep It Simple

lake decor ideas simple outdoors

mindy gayer design co

Of course, you don't have to have a dedicated lake house seating area with matching furniture to boot. Sometimes, all you need is a comfortable chair with a view.