Why I Use Decorative Lamps as a Finishing Touch In Every Space

Entryway table with statement lamp.


Some women have an obsession with shoes. I, on the other hand, have a major addiction to lamps—I’m constantly spotting new styles that bring a smile to my face. As a result, my apartment is now filled with tons of beautiful light fixtures, ranging from budget-friendly Target finds to splurges that I know I’ll be able to decorate with for the foreseeable future. 

What makes lamps so wonderful is that they’re not only functional, of course, but also they can work wonders in helping tie together any vignette. Statement lamps, in particular, are an excellent option for anyone looking to add a little more oomph to their entryway table, desk, bar cart—you name it.

Not sure how to find the right lamp for your space? Read on for my tips.

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When Shopping for a Nightstand

Nightstand with rattan lamp.


Any lamp that you place on your nightstand should be super functional—if you’re like me and love to read in bed late at night, you’ll want lighting that really pulls through. When I spotted these woven lamps at Target last summer, I was drawn to them right away because of their beautiful texture, but I was also pleased to discover their dimmable feature when I brought them home.

Dimmable lighting is always a nice option in any room of the home, but it’s something I appreciate even more when it comes to the bedside table because you can gradually prepare your eyes for bedtime. Though on the larger side, these lamps fit perfectly on my wide nightstands—not to mention, they matched the woven drawers wonderfully.

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When Shopping for Your Entryway

Entryway table with statement lamp.


Go ahead and have a little fun. This CB2 ruffle lamp has moved all over my apartment because I just can’t get enough of its funky look, but right now, I love how it contrasts with my burl wood entryway table.

The lamp is bright but not overwhelmingly so—I’ll admit that positioned here, its function is truly more decorative. I have a large chandelier in the entryway that provides plenty of light on its own, so I don’t really need a table lamp in this area, but I do sometimes appreciate the extra brightness it provides at night or if I have guests over.

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When Shopping for the Kitchen

Mini lamps look oh-so-charming when placed on a kitchen counter. Whether you choose to set one on a stack of cookbooks to create a stylish scene or are able to fit a lamp on your open shelving, you can’t go wrong incorporating this trend into your space. The kitchen is a space where you’ll want to go the budget-friendly route for sure, as spills and stains are to be expected over time.

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When Shopping for Your Desk

Gallery wall of art frames.


I opted for something nice and classic when it came to decorating my desk. I can’t get enough of anything scalloped, and when I spotted this shade for sale at Maison Maison, I knew it would look wonderful in my bedroom turned home office.

Because this shade was more of a splurge, I then worked to track down an affordable lamp base that would match the piece’s traditional style without breaking the bank. Target pulled through with an under $50 gourd option, and I love the pop of blue-gray against my burlwood desk.