Inside Lance Bass and Michael Turchin's Eclectic L.A. Home

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Combining two different aesthetics can be a challenge, but for couple Michael Turchin and Lance Bass it was a perfect match. After tying the knot in December 2014, Bass, a former NSYNC star, and Turchin, an actor and artist, turned their attention to decorating their open-plan home in Los Angeles. Combining their love of pop art and eclectic finishes, they have now opened the doors to their never-before-seen L.A. pad. Scroll down for the tour!

For Bass and Turchin, renovating their new home has been a two-year labour of love. "We moved into this house... after a long time searching for the perfect home for us," they told HomeGoods. "We actually were considering the one across the street first! But this one won us over with its open layout and great views."

When it came to combining their unique styles, collaboration was key. "We love mixing classic design with modern design throughout," says Turchin. "We love neutral colors, but the artist in me always wants to mix in punches of bright colors and exotic textures/metals," he says, evident in the textured Moroccan throws layered on their couch and stainless steel arc lamp in the living room. 

The newlyweds explain that decorating their home was an opportunity to create a space that reflected both their personalities and hold meaning. "This amazing glass-top coffee table was the first piece we bought for our home together," Bass points out. Take a look closer and you'll notice the bottom of the table is actually a boat propeller. "[It's] from an old ship that docked in New York—we both love the ocean so it was the perfect piece," he explains. 

It's clear that the couple has a keen eye for detail. "We love coffee table books and eclectic tchotchkes," says Turchin, who admits his background as a pop artist has given him an eye for color and arrangements. "I think properly arranging or designing what goes on a coffee table or bookshelf is so crucial in fully designing a room. That was the focus here," he explains. 

The couple's open layout kitchen was designed to suit their social lifestyle, particularly for entertaining and game nights. "Our friends can be playing in the living room and we can still be involved in the action, even if we're in the kitchen," says Bass. 

As their dream home, Turchin admits he looked to famous television sets for inspiration. "Cooking is one of my all-time passions! We purposely designed the kitchen to look like the set of a cooking show—it's always been a dream of mine!" he says. 

Adding to the entertainer's paradise, the couple were sure to create a bespoke bar close to the kitchen, complete with copper accents and textured hide. "These trays and ottomans can be moved around for temporary seating during game night, and these large Champagne bottles were a gift from our wedding, which we love being able to display as a reminder of that day," says Turchin.

So, what's next on their décor to-do list? The couple want to keep extending the home when their busy schedules permit. "We actually have plans to add a second floor and library to the house sometime soon, when we're not travelling back and forth from New York so much," the couple says. If the first pictures of their new home are any indication of what's to come, we can't wait!

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