Lara Worthington Has Some Important Advice For All Young Women

Updated 11/05/18
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At the age of 31, Lara Worthington is a mother of two, entrepreneur and style icon. So, when she offers up free life advice, we sit up straight and listen.    

Today, Lara took to Instagram to do an Ask Me Anything segment, inviting her followers to ask her anything they liked. There was one question really stood out to us and Lara's response was the nugget of gold we could all use on a Monday (and for eternity). 

The question: "What is your one bit of advice to young women around the world?", Lara's response: "You have to allow yourself to make mistakes and grow from them. I made so many! But I try to remember what each taught me and do better next time." she wrote. 

"And listen to your instinct. Women have super intuition powers," she continued. "I listened to a lot of people who gave me bad advice and I wish I'd been more aware of my instincts." 

Lara then went on to dish some parenting advice, "No matter what anyone tells you—even you're own mum or best friend—it's so different for every woman. There's never a right way or a better way... it's your way."

Read on for the best words of wisdom Lara shared with us today. 



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