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Yes, You Can Decorate a Small Space With Large Furniture

small bedroom

Yasmine Boheas/Unsplash

Whether you live in a studio apartment, have a house that just happens to fall on the smaller side, or have fully embraced tiny house living, it can be a challenge trying to fit in all of your furniture. Whether you have large pieces that you just can’t part with—like your grandmother’s china cabinet—or you have an affinity for sectional sofas, there really is a way to fit everything in. It just takes a bit of thought and planning. Here are six ways to use large furniture in a small space. 

Measure Everything

If you aren’t sure that coffee table will fit in the room, it’s important to measure it. Use a measuring tape and be realistic. Remember, you still need space to move around.

You can use painters tape to outline the dimensions of each furniture piece on the floor to help you visualize how everything will fit.

Use Online Tools and Apps

If you need a better visual, the Wayfair app has a View in Room 3D feature which will allow you to place a virtual piece of furniture in the room. You can even take a photo of the finished room and save it to reference later. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

If you need additional help, you can consider using Modsy which is a virtual room design service starting at just $79. They have professionals who can help you choose new pieces and work with what you already have to make sure everything fits.

Try Smaller Versions of the Big Pieces You Love

An L-shaped or sectional sofa can be incredibly useful in a large family home. But it can leave a smaller living room or apartment looking rather cramped. So, look for slightly scaled down versions of large pieces.

For example, Restoration Hardware’s Italia Chesterfield Sofa is available in lengths from six to ten feet. While the RH Teen Kensington Upholstered Sofa is just 5.83 feet long. When square footage is low, those few inches can make a big difference. And don’t be fooled by the RH Teen Line, it’s just as sophisticated (and a whole lot less expensive) than the regular line.

chesterfield sofa
RH Teen Kensington Upholstered Sofa $2,529.00

Choose Pieces With A Purpose

You can easily use larger pieces in a small space if they serve a particular purpose. For example, if your home lacks closet space, go ahead and buy that large armoire. If it has lots of shelves or a hanging rod, it will serve you well.

CB2 Astoria Wardrobe $899.00

CB2’s Astoria Armoire is a striking piece that can make up for a lack of closet space and drawers in a bedroom or even store an off-season wardrobe in your living room.

storage ottoman
CB2 Movie Storage Ottoman $599.00

Storage ottomans are also a great option and can hide everything from books to linens and even shoes. The Movie Storage Ottoman by CB2 is 44 inches wide with plenty of room to comfortably put your feet up and keep a tray for snacking or to hold remotes.

Skip Pieces That Waste Space

If you’re short on space, skip the entertainment center. Unless it has a lot of drawers, it will just take up too much space. Mount your television on the wall instead. Then install a floating shelf underneath to hold your cable boxes and smart devices.

Large side tables are another space waster. Choose a larger coffee table with a bottom shelf or drawers instead. Ditto for a large desk without drawers.

King-Sized Dilemmas 

Do you prefer to sleep on a king sized bed but think you will only have room for a queen? King and queen sized beds are surprisingly the same length (80 inches long) with a 16 inch difference in the width (60 vs 76 inches). So, depending on the size of the room, you just may be in luck.

But, if choosing a king-sized bed means losing room for a nightstand, consider mounting sconces on the walls instead. The room will look complete without feeling cramped.

Hudson Valley Lighting Group Adirondack Wall Sconce $322.00

A fixture like the Adirondack Sconce from Hudson Valley Lighting Group will appear proportional next to a large bed or headboard.

floating nightstand
Lulu and Georgia Delanee Floating Nightstand $330.00

Another option is to use a floating nightstand such as the Delanee Floating Nightstand from Lulu and Georgia.

storage bed
The Novogratz Kelly Upholstered Storage Bed $299.00

If a large bed frame eliminates space for a dresser, a storage bed such as the Kelly Upholstered Storage Bed from The Novogratz, can make up the difference.