13 Easy Large Group Brunch Ideas That'll Please the Crowd

Large Group Breakfast Ideas
Cheetah Is the New Black

The holiday season is the best time to round up your friends and family for a festive group brunch. Not that we need an excuse to eat delicious food with our favorite people, but there's just something about the high spirits and jolly mood that make us extra excited to celebrate. And the truth of the matter is that even if you're someone who dreads the extra socializing and hosting that happens during the holidays, having the right recipes to make for large groups can make things a lot easier. Below, 13 large group breakfast and lunch ideas that'll keep you and your guests happy and full. We started with the sweet stuff to get you in a jolly holiday mood, but keep scrolling for the savory staples and spiked punch at the end.

Eggnog Pull-Apart Bread

Holiday Recipes
The Modern Proper

There's cinnamon pull-apart bread, and then there's eggnog cinnamon pull-apart bread. This is the perfect holiday recipe to make for a large brunch, as it's easy to serve yourself and it'll feed a lot of people. Plus, the indulgent ingredients and scrumptious flavors are perfect for the season.

Cream Cheese Swirl Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Easy Holiday Recipes
Half Baked Harvest

This is not your average coffee cake, as to be expected from a recipe created by Half Baked Harvest. With rich cream cheese swirls and a pumpkin base, this coffee cake tastes and looks elaborate, but it only takes about an hour to make. 

Cocoa-Cinnamon French Toast

Sweet Holiday Recipes
Salt and Wind

If you really want to impress the guests at brunch this year, look no further. These personalized churro-inspired French toast slices from Salt and Wind are mind-blowingly delicious. The recipes call for loads of cinnamon and cocoa powder, coconut milk, vanilla extract, and berries for serving.

Slightly stale bread is the best for making French toast because it can absorb more of the egg mixture than fresh bread.

Cranberry-Ginger-Lime Chia Parfaits

Large Group Breakfast Recipes
Wu Haus

Not everyone wants to eat super-sweet baked goods for breakfast. For those guests, you can whip up these delicious but healthy chia seed parfaits from Wu Haus. The most prominent flavors are cranberry, ginger, and lime, so they have a thoroughly zesty and refreshing taste. Top them with shaved coconut and almonds for a touch of crunch.

Apple Cider Chai Crullers

Brunch Recipes Ideas
Half Baked Harvest

These mulled apple cider chai crullers (basically a French donut) from Half Baked Harvest strike the perfect balance of spicy and sweet. Since you can eat them with your hands, they're greats for a large group brunch party. They only require 40 minutes in the kitchen too.

Chocolate Hazelnut Sandwiches

Large Brunch Ideas
Salt and wind

Finger sandwiches can be perfect for a large group brunch, too, not just a cocktail party or tea time. These hazelnut chocolate sandwiches from Salt & Wind prove it. Follow this recipe to make them into decadent French toast dishes, or simply slice up a baguette, toast it, and spread with Nutella and honey.

Croque Monsieur Savory Bread Pudding

Group Breakfast Recipes
Salt and Wind

When cooking for a large group brunch, it's always best to opt for recipes you can make in bulk. This croque monsieur bread pudding from Salt & Wind is the perfect option. Not only is it simple to make and easy to clean up, but it's also elevated enough to serve at a more formal brunch party.

Onion, Mushroom, and Thyme Potato Pancake

Holiday Breakfast Recipes
Salt and Wind

This large potato pancake only takes 30 minutes to make, and the recipe from Salt & Wind is super easy to follow, so make as many you want. Crispy, satisfying, and comforting, you'll want to make this for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner party you ever host.

Salt and Wind

Easy Group Lunch Recipes
Salt and Wind

When in doubt, stick to the basics. Not only are these classic Parisian ham sandwiches from Salt & Wind insanely easy to make, but they're also delicious crowd-pleasers. All you need is high-quality European butter, jabón de Paris, ficelle (sweet, skinny French baguettes), and five minutes.

Veggie Spread and Fennel Dip

Holiday Appetizer Recipes
Wu Haus

No party is complete without a crudité spread, and it's ever too early to start snacking. To serve a truly epic spread at your group brunch, follow this recipe from Wu Haus. She'll walk you through creating a colorful veggie spread and a delicious holiday fennel dip.

Honey Roasted Squash and Burrata

Holiday Side Dish Recipes
Half Baked Harvest

This side dish tastes as good as it looks. Brought to us by Half Baked Harvest, it calls for honey butter-roasted acorn squash, burrata, pomegranate, and hazelnuts. We can't think of anything better for the occasion.

Baked Eggs with Swiss Chard and Green Olives

Easy Breakfast Recipes
The Modern Proper

A solid egg dish is a must a brunch party. That said, they can be hard to make on a large scale. Opt for baked eggs in personal-size skillets, or use a few larger ones; you can make them in bulk and have everyone serve themselves from a buffet table. This baked eggs, chard, green olive, and feta recipe from The Modern Proper looks particularly good.

Sparkling Pomegranate Punch

Holiday Punch Recipes
Half Baked Harvest

And last but not least, make sure you have a festive holiday drink to serve your guests with their brunch. This sparkling pomegranate punch recipe from Half Baked Harvest is easy to make in big batches, making it perfect for large gatherings and parties. Plus, you can get creative with presentation. 

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