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10 Decorating Tips to Cozy Up Any Large Living Room

large living rooms

Design: Katie Hodges, Photo: Amy Bartlam

We're all obsessed with bigger rooms and more space, but honestly, having too much can pose its challenges. While bigger sounds better, it's often difficult to fill all that space in a way that looks cohesive and doesn't feel awkward.

Thankfully, we have 10 examples of large living rooms (and the styling tips to match) that are sure to help you navigate an oversized space. Take notes and get ready to rearrange some furniture

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Create Boundaries With an Oversized Rug

large living room

Design: Sascha LaFleur of West of Main

Large spaces, and open concept designs in particular, lack separation between rooms. Creating distinctions between areas makes everything look intentional. A large area rug works to create parameters and visually close off a space, keeping the design from running off into other areas of your home.

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Go Bold With Your Design

large living room

Design: Ashley Ross, Founder & Principal at Muse Noire Interiors, Photo: Laura Sumrak

While small spaces can feel overwhelmed by décor, a large space can handle over-the-top design. This gorgeous living room boasts a statement red tufted couch, a printed rug, chandelier lighting, and a cluster of decorative coffee tables. Make it feel cohesive with matching tints and tones throughout, like a red couch, coral, pillows, and pink lighting fixture.

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Get the Lighting Right

large living room

Design: Ellie Mroz Design, Builder: Michael Robert Construction, Photo: Victor Wahby of Photography 56

There's no use in having a large living room when dark corners tend to fade into the background. Be smart with the lighting to ensure your big design ideas are well lit from all angles. This living room incorporates stylish overhead pendants and gallery lighting along the wall to ensure every part of the room gets the attention it deserves.

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Swap a Large Sectional for Two Couches

large living rooms

Design: Katie Hodges, Photo: Amy Bartlam

Although a large living room can accommodate an oversized L-shaped sectional, it's best to swap it for two smaller couches. The layout looks more sophisticated and fills the room in a way that encourages entertainment.

Face them toward each other with a coffee table in between and two chairs off to the side for just as much (if not more) seating space as the sectional.

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Incorporate Bulky Built-Ins

large living room

Design: Hibou Design & Co., Photo: Mike Chajecki

Built-ins can take up a lot of space, but when you have room to spare, it's the perfect time to incorporate a custom design. A modern entertainment center like this one that incorporates wood and marble elements hides all traces of electronic cords and provides tons of space for storage and displaying your favorite décor.

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Create Multiple Seating Areas

large living room

Design: LAVA Interiors, Photo: Christian Torres

If a single seating area doesn't adequately fill your space, add another one. This vintage-inspired eclectic living room creates two separate seating areas complete with their own couches, chairs, coffee tables, and rugs to fill this oversized space.

Tie it all together with a cohesive color scheme and complementing design elements.

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Go Long

large living rooms

Design: Sire Design, Photo: Kris Tamburello

If your living room boasts a large amount of space, play with proportions and incorporate items that elongate your room even more. A long console with an extended couch and items like a long fireplace accentuate your already-spacious living room.

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Always Be Prepared With Additional Seating

large living room

Design: Kristin Glandon of KG Designs, Photo: Emily Kennedy

A large living room and entertaining go hand in hand. Since you know your oversized space will quickly fill with friends and family, we suggest always having extra seating on hand to accommodate your guests.

Ottoman seats nestled under a console table and comfy pillows on a build-in window bench will make your guests feel at home even if there's limited couch space.

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Go Wild With Prints

large living room

Courtesy of Erin Williamson Design

Prints have a way of overwhelming small spaces, but luckily for you and your oversized living room, you have plenty of room to play with prints. With sprawling square footage, you're free to pair achromatic patterns with leopard, plaid and abstract art. In a large space, more is always more.

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Take On the Texture

large living rooms

Courtesy of Gray Space Interiors

When space is the name of the game, texture is always a good idea. Elements like greenery, pampas grass, and potted plants, along with textiles like curtains and pillows, paired with natural elements such as wood and concrete have a way of warming up large spaces and preventing them from looking empty or stark. Now pair them all together in a single space and you have yourself a designer-approved living room like this one.