16 Large Wall Art Ideas to Fill Those Blank Spaces

Updated 04/16/19

Since furniture makes a space functional and comfortable, you could argue that it's an essential element of a home (aside from the roof, that is). But if you've ever had to stare at a giant blank wall while eating dinner, entertaining guests, or falling asleep and waking up, you know just how transformative artwork can be. Indeed, a home isn't complete without wall art to introduce visual intrigue, personality, inspiration, and dimension. So if you have some blank walls to dress up, click through the large wall art ideas below and decide whether you want to go bold with abstract pieces, modern prints, eclectic photo galleries, or large-scale photographs and how you want to display them.

Studio DB

For a high-impact dining nook, consider hanging a larger piece with lots of bold colors, geometric shapes, and endless details to admire over the years. Set against the simple but striking black furniture, it's clearly meant to be the focal point of the room.

Elizabeth Roberts Architecture and Design

The foyer should make a grand entrance, making it the perfect place to display all your favorite art. You can mix various objets d'art around them too or choose a bold plant to enhance the space even more. We love how this one plays with proportion.

For a laid-back feel (or for renters afraid of bringing out the drills and hammers), lean art against the wall on the console table.

Fantastic Frank

Mixing your own photos with framed photography will create an interesting dynamic between casual and formal while also filling this sacred sleeping space with sentimental value. The asymmetrical arrangement honors the lived-in feel accomplished by the leaning floor mirror and cozy, undone neutral linens.

Amy Bartlam

Aside from the artwork itself, mixing and matching frames of various styles will give the entire room a lot of personality. In other words, it's a good idea to treat the framing and hanging process as an art project. This is a great way to make more affordable or even homemade children's art feel more elevated.

Catherine Kwong Design

As gorgeous as the wall art and antique mirror are, the painted floor is stealing the spotlight. It's dramatic and incredibly bold in a free-spirited way that contrasts with the traditional and formal elements of the room while still complementing the refined yet traditional drama of the high ceilings, intricate gold etchings, and brick fireplace.

Katherine Carter Design

If you're looking for the perfect place to display a favorite piece, right above the sofa in the living room is a great idea since you spend a lot of time in there, as do guests. We love how playful this room is, thanks to whimsical pattern layering of artwork and wallpaper. The eye-catching pop of color is a nice touch too.

Michael Wells Photography

If you have an extra room in your home and want to use it as a recreational space, keep bulky furniture and storage pieces to a minimum so you can use the floor space freely and add style to your walls with art. We love how this photo of the Sutro Baths plays off of the antique kelly-green carpet and yoga cushions, while the crisp white ceiling keeps things fresh.

Catherine Kwong Design

We love how the wall art picks up on the abstract design of the carpet. The off-center placement also creates an intriguing dimension without veering away from the color scheme or stealing the spotlight too much.

Studio DB

For a spa-like bathroom that will encourage you to relax, unwind, and reset, it's probably best not to leave the walls starkly empty, which can be a bit jarring. Here's an example of how one large artwork can soften up the whole bathroom without taking up precious square footage.

Fantastic Frank

The gallery wall of prints makes this room truly breathtaking while also creating a fitting narrative. Since it's where the residents gather to eat, each print features produce and edible flowers. The neat positioning and repetitive pattern of side-by-side frames creates a soothing environment.

Nikole Ramsay

The larger and bolder the piece, the more visually dramatic it will be. We love how this piece frames the bed and sticks within the neutral color palette. Plus, the hyper-real painting captures a really ordinary—almost gritty—scene, which contrasts with the low-contrast and bright colors, making it the perfect piece for a bedroom that exudes an air of casual elegance.

JH Interior Design

With warm neutral shades and nature-inspired materials, the metallic accents and modern light fixture are balanced by textured green, friendly-feeling wall art.

BHDM Design

If you have dark painted walls, consider brightening them up with a gallery wall like this one. Since all the photographs are scaled down and presented against white paper, they look extremely cohesive and organized while still brightening up and customizing the space.

Jenna Peffley for MyDomaine

Accent pieces and mirrors can function as art too. The shapely coat rack is a great example of a functional piece that adds visual intrigue as well, while the mirror fills up empty space and amplifies the entire entryway as it reflects the artwork in the dining room across the way. Of course, the artwork doesn't have to be the focal point of the room to get the job done. 

Elizabeth Roberts Architecture and Design

While we can hide large cleaning appliances in storage and tuck away pesky cords, we can't always hide furnaces, air-conditioning units, and other built-in eyesores. The simple (and effective) solution is dressing up the surrounding area with striking furniture, gorgeous wall art, and interesting lighting. As captured above, the textured wall hanging softens up the bright wall paint, as does the luxe dark gray velvet flooring and built-in bed. Then, the small framed figural art between the windows takes our attention away from the two radiators.

Nicole Hollis

If you're afraid of creating a gallery wall because it may look overly busy or crowded, here's proof that it can do the opposite. This dining room feels unbelievably polished and sophisticated while still incorporating an eccentric array of artwork. Not only is it visually gripping, but it's also a great conversation starter since it communicates so many ideas. We also love how the decorative object brings with the monkey motif further.

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