3 Practical (and Novice-Friendly) City2Surf Tips from Pro Runners

Last-Minute City2Surf Tips
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You could say, the City2Surf is a bucket list event for many a Sydney dweller. The yearly race (taking place this Sunday) is sure to bring tens of thousands of the activewear devout onto the streets to hit the pavement. Whether you've succeeded in your mission to gear up for this year adequately, or have fallen a little short in your preparations, we're giving you that last-minute push to get you further in your marathon to the finishliterally. Who better to help us on our mission than professional runners, Bec Wilcock, Krissy Moehl, and Kimberley Teshima, all seasoned runners with strict routines they live by. And no, a shot of caffeine isn't it. 

While long-term preparation is key, there's no denying there are a few hacks you can provide your body with the magic combination to get it at peak performance.

See below for how they prepare for a big race. Ready, set, go!

Have a Disciplined Sleep Regiment

It's no surprise, that getting a good sleep the night before can give you legs for the day, but also key to recovery, is a solid night's sleep a few days after. Nike ambassador Bec Wilcock says: "Fuel your body with the right nutrients—especially pre- and post-run—and aim for eight hours sleep each night."

Eat a High-Protein Breakfast

With the race demanding high energy exertion, it goes without saying that you need a hearty breakfast. But, try and keep the proteins high and the carbs low. Ultramarathon runners Krissy Moehl and Kimberley Teshmina reveal that this is key to their performance, "Typically I eat three-quarters to 1 cup of 0% Fage plain yoghurt topped with chia seeds, cherries, and a drizzle of dark maple syrup," says Teshima. "Being Canadian, I'm a bit of a maple syrup fanatic!" Moehl tops her signature Greek yoghurt concoction with maca powder ($10), granola, and fresh or dried fruit. 

Snack Often

City2Surf can take a while to complete, which makes taking part no easy feat for most. The trick to steady energy levels? "Trail food." These are quick-fuel foods you can take with you in your pockets or running pack. Moehl's snacks of choice include Blok Energy Chews ($6) and dates filled with trail butter.

Use Music as a Motivator

There's nothing like your favourite base-heavy jam to get you into the mood and keep you running for longer. Whether you're into Kanye or Calvin Harris, studies have shown that music has performance-enhancing qualities when it comes to exercise. Moehl agrees: "If I'm feeling unmotivated, it's always music that gets me out the door."

Also key to high-performance, is the right gear, of course:
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