Apple Releases New Emojis With Latest Operating System

Stop what you’re doing and grab your iPhone. Apple just released the first major update to iOS 9, and it’s got some exciting changes. The new iOS 9.1 features "Live Photos," a function that seems rather futuristic and Harry Potter-ish but is actually very current when you think of it like this: A Live Photo is actually just a GIF. So have at it! Start making funny faces, snapping Live Photos, and sending them to your friends and family.

In other breaking news, the update installs a bunch of new emojis. While some of you may have been desperate for the taco emoji, I am most excited about the Champagne bottle with flying cork emoji. I can finally text my gal pals the perfect party messages! There are also a bunch of sports-related emojis like a volleyball and ping-pong paddle; several astrological signs like a crab, lion, and scorpion; and, just in time for Thanksgiving, a turkey. So what are you waiting for?! Get the update and send a bunch of unicorn emojis to your best friend. It’s the perfect Wednesday afternoon activity.

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Which new emoji are you most excited about?