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14 Home Décor Trends That Are Dominating This Year, According to Designers

Neutral victorian inspired bedroom with wallpaper.

Michelle Gage

Keeping up with the latest home trends can be a doozy—there are so many different colors, trendy decorative objects, and interior styles out there to keep track of. When it comes to decorating and defining your style, it's sometimes best to beat to your own drum and choose pieces that resonate with you. But, if you're looking for a little professional help, we have you covered.

We spoke with top interior designers on the trends they see emerging this year, as well as their personal preferences when it comes to home décor and decorating. Find their picks—as well as a ton of inspo—below.

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Wallpaper in modern, luxe dining room.

Justin Q Williams

Convinced that wallpaper is totally outdated? Think again. Designer Justin Q Williams has a major soft spot for wallpaper, and he claims this paint alternative is one trend that is back on designers' radars.

"Home décor trends come and go, as we all know, but one that's on the rise is the submergence of wallpaper—not the old wallpaper that your grandparents used to have, but fun, funky designs that truly help to transform a space," Williams says.

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One Lighting Fixture in the Kitchen

Large pendant light fixture over kitchen island.

Beauty is Abundant

Your kitchen is a great place to not only experiment with cooking, but with striking design features as well. Leah Alexander of Beauty Is Abundant is noticing that people are steering away from three-pendant lighting over the kitchen island in favor of one thoughtful, statement fixture.

"I love this trend because it leaves sightlines more open, and it allows for one impactful fixture rather than three mild-mannered ones," Alexander notes.

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Wall Sconces

Bathroom with luxurious wall sconces.

Justin Q Williams

Elevate your lighting situation with sconces of any style, as per Williams' next home trend suggestion. "Something that's typically a bit more traditional—yet has now found its way into more modern homes—is a wall sconce," he notes. "Sconces have become a way to make bold and impactful statements that truly elevate a space."

Williams notes that he loves rerouting lighting and adding sconces to spaces like powder rooms since it's a space your guests will likely see. "It's a way to wow them, and if you add wallpaper to the equation, it's a double whammy," he says.

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Celebration of Culture

Bright and colorful jungle inspired bedroom.

Mocha Girl Place

It can be easy to find your home assimilating to the trendy, Pinterest—worthy design ideas, but designer Iman Stewart is here to encourage us to look beyond a screen and decorate with what truly inspires us all: our own cultures and histories.

"We are seeing different movements in design, finally," Stewart says. "It is becoming easier to celebrate one's culture in design, and we need to start infusing our personality into our spaces."

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Investing in Personal Passions

Guitar hanging on wall in living space.

Beauty is Abundant

Another trend Alexander has noticed is a focus on personal hobbies and passions at the forefront of a space's design.

"Now that people are home more, rather than primarily investing in art, I've been prioritizing creative ways to incorporate my clients' hobbies into the décor, like the love of music, travel, and more," Alexander says. "This also serves as a way to keep clutter at bay by using valuable wall real estate as artful storage, so to speak. One of my favorite examples is hanging my client's guitar as art in his home office."

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Earth Tones

Neutral bedroom with warm terracotta colored pillows.

Domm Dot Com

Bring on those neutrals—they are here to stay, just in warmer, earthier shades.

"Based on 2021 design and décor trends, we are seeing more earth tones coming out," Stewart says. "A perfect example of this is Sherwin Williams' color of the year, Urbane Bronze. This is showing more color in people’s spaces in an adaptable way."

Designer Sarah Reed of Arbor & Co. agrees. "Green, in general, is a new trend growing in popularity. Green is everywhere, from green tile to green walls to dining chairs."

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Jewel Tones

Jewel-toned green bedroom wall.

Iman Stewart Interiors

On the contrary, Stewart also is loving incorporating bright jewel tones in her spaces for vibrancy and much-needed visual interest. In this project she completed for a close friend, she wanted to bring his Caribbean heritage to the forefront with luxe materials and this bold shade of green.

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Embracing the Tropical

Tropical boho living room filled with plants.

Leaf and Lolo

Even though getaways still seem far away, it isn't stopping homeowners from bringing the beach and all things tropical into their homes. "Urban jungles inside the home are totally trending," Reed says. "Plants, plants, and more plants! I sure have a greenhouse developing in my den."

"People are yearning for a vacation, so we’re seeing more florals, leaves, trees, houseplants, wallpaper, and a focus on outdoor spaces," Stewart notes.

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African Influence

Living space with African wall art.

Afro Bohemian Living

According to Stewart, she is thrilled to see African influence at the forefront of design trends. "We are seeing more rattan, stones, natural materials, and safari-infused décor," she notes.

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Home Offices

first five things to buy for home office - minimal scandinavian home office

Design: Anne Sage

As work from home has become our new normal, it is important to set aside a space in your home for work and focus—in the form of a home office.

"Home offices are becoming more of the focal point of a home, and many are converting unused spaces—like guest and dining rooms—into office spaces," Stewart says.

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A Space Dedicated to Relaxation

Reading nook with fluffy couch.

Domm Dot Com

"I think people are looking for a small little space dedicated to something meditative, whether that be a nook for reading or corner for mediation," Stewart notes. "We need an escape in our own homes."

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Statement Headboards and Canopy Beds

White and black bedroom with large black headboard.

Iman Stewart Interiors

Stewart loves the addition of a statement headboard to dress up a neutral space, and she notes this as one of the top requests from her clients in new projects. A headboard can dress up any neutral bedding, and a canopy bed is a great way to add drama and height to any bedroom.

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Maximal living room with wallpapered ceiling.

Dekay and Tate

After spending plenty of time at home and staring daily at white walls, people are ready for a change. Homeowners are now looking to embrace all things maximal and visually interesting, with vibrant pieces that live to inspire them.

"People want personality and bold prints in an eclectic style," Stewart says.

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Staying True to What You Love

Dining room with bright wallpaper and orb lighting.

Michelle Gage

"I think one of the 'trends' I’m seeing is the idea of incorporating items you truly love in your home, rather than focusing on what’s hot," designer Michelle Gage says. "It’s a conversation we have a lot in our office with our team and clients. After spending a year indoors and getting comfortable with our surroundings, I’m seeing a return to the idea of bucking trends. That in and of itself seems to be pretty popular right now."