Sorry, These 14 Home Décor Trends Are Out (and What's In)

Decorating a home is a work in progress. Even if you hire an interior expert to finesse each room with their signature flair and design eye, the space inevitably transforms over time as you add sentimental pieces, family heirlooms, and collectibles from recent travels. Each new item is a reflection of your life and personality at any given time. They're also what makes a house feel like home.

Despite our best efforts to keep it classic, however, we've yet to meet anyone who can resist the charm of the latest interior design trends. Just as clothing trends and colors move from the runways to our wardrobes, these shiny new decorative pieces, paints, and furniture styles also make their way into our homes, but there's a fine line between timeless and trendy.

So to keep our homes from looking dated, we asked all the top interior experts, from Nate Berkus to Emily Henderson, to share the 2018 design trends they're tired of and what they're excited about.