The 10 Cutest Latin Baby Names

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Some may say the classical Latin language is dead, but that's not the case in our book. That's because the beautiful way of speaking that led to the formation of Romance dialects like Portuguese, French, Italian, and Spanish still lives on in the most adorable Latin baby names. For those of you who want a baby title with a twist, just take a hint from the language of the ancient Roman empire (can you see now where the word "romance" comes in?).

So if you want to give your child a name that harkens to the past without using a family moniker, borrowing from an ancient language is always a good option. Take a trip back in time with us as we journey through the cutest baby names with Latin roots. Indulge in the stories behind each, and then it's time to pick your favorite (or favorites, for that matter). Happy naming.


Even though it sounds a bit like "Lauren," Laurel is much more exotic. And if the name reminds you of the leafy plant, then you're not off base since it means "laurel tree." Not only that, the title has connotations of success and peace because of the importance of the laurel wreath in ancient Rome.


This name sounds straight out of prep school. In case you were wondering, the moniker has a Greek, Latin origin and translates to "man of Sebastia." It contains a certain international appeal these days, especially in Latin America—it's one of the most popular boy's names in Chile. And for those who are musically inclined: Mozart wrote a comic opera called "Bastien und Bastienne."


This lovely name has a Gaelic and Latin origin and translates to "white shoulder." You likely recognize it as the name of the sultry lead character in the Spike Lee remake of She's Gotta Have It that premiered on Netflix this year. It's also a beloved nickname for The Big Easy (New Orleans)—just one more reason for us to adore it.


You’ve probably heard this moniker before and always assumed it was short for Vincent, which is not the case. It comes from a Latin origin that means "conquering," which lends a powerful air. Not sure why it sounds familiar? Two words for you: Vin Diesel.


You're probably thinking this name sounds familiar from HBO's Big Little Lies since it's close to Amabella—the name of Renata's daughter who keeps getting bullied at school. But Arabella means "yielding to prayer" and is quite popular across the pond. Its cute nickname is Bella, giving off the notion of beauty.


If you're on the hunt for a baby name that's a bit different but still classically pretty, Evelina, meaning "wished-for child," is right for you. Fun fact: The title was super popular in the Middle Ages, but then Evelyn replaced it in popularity. Now it's back and cuter than ever. And guess what? You can shorten it to Eve for a nickname.


This cute rocker name is the new version of the once über-popular Jagger. It has a much more traditional definition, with a Latin origin meaning "one, unity." Part of its rock 'n' roll appeal comes from the fact that Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley used this moniker. We think this one will be around for a while.


Fresh and spunky, the name Hilaria translates to "cheerful." It's still quite popular in Poland, although it actually is the ancient Roman form of "Hilary." You are likely familiar with wellness expert and Yoga Vida founder Hilaria Baldwin.


This bold title means "all-knowing" and has gained popularity since it was the name of one of the characters in The Hunger Games. Beyond that, it has real historical ties, having been the nickname of Roman statesman Cato, the Elder. Also of note: the ancient name was in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.


You know this name because it's what Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt chose to call their son (and clearly, that helps make something catch on). It's popular today for many reasons, one of which is because the title translates to "peaceful" and is a beautiful way for parents to make a cultural statement.

So now that you've heard about the cutest Latin baby names out there, hopefully, you have gotten a lot of inspiration. A storied name is always a way to weave the past with the present.

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