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Makeover of the Week: A Lackluster Laundry Room Gets a Sleek, Stylish Refresh

laundry room after

Tessa Neustadt

This 1920’s farmhouse had a lot of charm but not when it came to the laundry area. “The room was small, closed-off, and all-together not very functional. It got a lot of use with two children, a cat, and a dog living in the house, so I wanted to make the space more polished but still very utilitarian,” explains designer Stefani Stein.

Meet the Expert

Stefani Stein is a Los Angeles-based interior designer and owner of Stefani Stein Inc., which was established in 2014. Stein loves to work with local craftspeople and artisans to create a relaxed yet refined aesthetic, and was named one of California Home + Design's 'Rising Stars' for Fall 2019.


laundry room before
Courtesy of Stefani Stein

“While the existing laundry room did have some storage, it felt lackluster aesthetically and needed a visual refresh.” 


laundry room after
Tessa Neustadt

“I wanted to provide the family with the space and tools they needed to make a dreaded chore more enjoyable,” notes Stein. “They loved mid-century modern design, so I incorporated bits and pieces of that aesthetic into the space while still honoring the home’s Spanish farmhouse architecture.”

What Changed:

  • Color theme: A neutral palette with hints of blue and grey creates a calming environment.
  • Cabinets: Custom millwork includes a rack by the window allows fresh air to help with the drying process, along with a lower draw that conceals a built-in food and water bowl station for the dog.
  • Hardware: A mix of polished (satin copper) and raw (untreated leather) pulls were used on the cabinetry.
  • Tile: Hand painted blue and white tiles compliment the Spanish architecture of the home while the grey and white tiles have a lively star and cross design.
  • Countertops: Durable and easy-to-clean butcher block was an easy choice for the laundry room cabinet tops.
  • Ceiling light: With its unique wire cage, the white and copper pendant was a nod to the owners’ love of mid-century modern design.
  • Floor: An antique area rug balances the old with the new.
  • Baskets: Wire baskets on tracks pull out, making it easy to store accessories.
  • Appliances: Relocating and stacking the washer and dryer created space for a dog alcove. 

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