These 21 Items Make Laundry Day a Lot More Stylish

When it comes to chores, there's nothing we dread more than laundry day. Between schlepping dirty laundry to and fro and folding an endless pile of clothing, it's no wonder why so many of us put it off until the very last minute. That being said, we've recently had a change of heart. To make our laundry duties a little more inspiring, we decided to come up with seven décor solutions that create an atmosphere fresh and chic enough to show off to guests (whether you have an entire laundry room or a small nook with a washer and dryer).

We also made sure that each design tip keeps clutter to a minimum so you can easily prioritize tidying up. And even though each item should have functional value, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative and incorporate your own sense of style throughout. While we never thought we'd say that the laundry room was our favorite part of the home, the seven visuals and corresponding tips below make a pretty convincing argument.

Scroll through to find out our laundry room décor ideas and then shop our 14 favorite items right now, from removable wallpaper to vases, pendants, artwork, and hampers so cool that you'll want to hide your dirty laundry in plain sight.

Behind Closed Doors

washer and dryer hidden behind doors
Studio McGee

If you're one of the lucky few urban dwellers with an in-unit washer and dryer, we're jealous. Not only do you get to avoid schlepping your dirty clothes to a laundromat, but you also get to take advantage of the style opportunities. If you aren't a renter but you still want to maximize space in your home, we suggest installing your laundry machines stacked atop one another behind a closet door in the hallway, kitchen, or even bathroom. This way you can get the most use out of the small space you'd otherwise use as laundry room while also tucking the bulky machines away from view.

Paper, Please

a wallpapered laundry room
Studio McGee

Installing wallpaper in a small room is a great way to incorporate your personal style without creating clutter. Keep things calm and fresh with a neutral-hued roll, or opt for something bolder by adorning the walls with a vivid print. If you aren't quite sure about this décor trend yet, then experiment by using removable wallpaper or simply applying it to as a backsplash for a hint of flair.

Get Artsy

art in laundry room
J. Wheeler Designs

Sometimes all it takes to elevate a lackluster room is simply hanging a piece of art. Whether you go with a full-on mixed-media gallery of family photographs, paintings, and drawings or one bold frame, wall art is the best way to bring in some personality without creating clutter. 

In the Spotlight

laundry room with spotlights
Hello Fashion

The laundry room should be a space that inspires organization and cleanliness, both of which require good lighting. Without it, you may end up with a few mismatched socks, poorly folded linens, and maybe even some missing undergarments. Pendant lights and sconces also happen to offer style while not taking up any floor or surface space. As such, consider your lighting choice a time to bring in personal style, whether that means installing a bohemian rattan piece, something more glam, or even an understated industrial style fixture. 

Full Bloom

laundry room with plants
Studio McGee

Fresh flowers arranged in a chic but modestly sized vase will create a calming atmosphere thanks to their natural beauty. Choose a colorful or metallic statement vase or let your bouquet of choice steal the show by choosing something more understated and sophisticated. We also love the idea of a lone orchid or a low-maintenance houseplant.

The Tile Files

laundry room
Studio McGee

Similar to a small bathroom or kitchen, laying your laundry room floor with tiles can pack a lot of punch without taking up any space. This way you can keep your cabinets and surface areas dedicated to the (albeit tedious) tasks at hand. Keep things feeling fresh and open with classic white tiles, or bring in some color depending on how you style the rest of your home so it all feels cohesive.

Bare Necessities

laundry room with a sink
Studio McGee

While we love the idea of adorning the walls with fun art, going wild with personal style, and getting playful with patterns in the laundry room, we're also fans of the minimal look, especially in this particular section of the home. With bright white walls, cabinets, and ceilings as well as bare wooden surfaces, your room will feel clean and crisp, just like your freshly washed laundry. 

Simple and to the Point

laundry room with drying rack
Elizabeth Roberts

If you prefer industrial-inspired design and minimalism, just stick to the basics. We love how the built-in storage space in the laundry room above opens up the room to be used as a workspace, home yoga studio, or pretty much anything you'd want it to be. 

A Seamless Transition

laundry room in hallway
Amber Interior Design

If you have an open floor plan or your laundry room isn't its own room, really, make sure that it feels cohesive and blends in with the rest of the space by sticking to the color scheme and style. The right area rug and lighting choices will make all the difference. 

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Up next, here are 10 game-changing laundry room organization tips. 

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