10 Laundry Room Door Ideas Sure to Make Wash Day More Fun

metal laundry room door

Kim Gordon Designs 

The laundry room is likely one of the smallest areas of your house, but it still deserves a lot of attention. After all, having a designated space in which to do laundry and get organized is a luxury. if you're looking to take on a quick upgrade, consider tackling the laundry room door. There are so many ways to get creative with this detail by using paint, decals, and more.

We're highlighting 10 of our favorite laundry room door solutions below. Who knows, maybe doing laundry will actually become fun for once.

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Enjoy Some Color

light blue door

Christy Harper

Paint the interior-facing portion of your laundry room door in a peppy color that will bring you joy every time you're doing yet another load. This soft blue matches the cabinets in this space and is a timeless hue. Given how much time most people spend washing and drying clothes, it's worthwhile to design a pleasant-looking laundry room, right?

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Go Metal

metal laundry room doors

Kim Gordon Designs 

Metal doors are the perfect choice for those who are drawn to industrial style. Here, they help close off the laundry area from the rest of the home while appearing sleek and modern.

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Set Up Easy Storage

closet door hangers

Zeke Ruelas for Emily Henderson

Make your doors work for you. Outfit them with storage solutions galore to make your household tasks feel a bit less stressful. Cleaning supplies are finally nice and corralled. Plus, when your setup is as functional as this one, you may (gasp) actually want to do some sweeping?

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Bring in a Barn Door

slatted barn door

Kourtni Muñoz

If you've always longed for a barn door in your home, now is your chance. Install one leading into the laundry room to save space and add style to your home. This barn door got a modern upgrade in the form of slatted accent pieces.

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Have Fun With Chalkboard Paint

chalk paint door

House by the Preserve

Keep tabs on your never-ending to-do list by transforming the back of your laundry room door into a chalkboard wall. This is a simple solution using chalkboard paint: it will help the entire family stay organized, and you can check off chores one by one. Kids will get a kick out of this makeshift chalkboard, too.

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Repurpose a Vintage Piece

vintage door

Delightfully Noted Blog

If your existing laundry room door just isn't doing it for you, consider swapping it out for a chic, vintage option. This one looks so elegant and costs just $20—though it looks much more high-end to us.

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Think Bold

bright yellow sliding door

Jenny James

If your laundry room is accessed via a sliding door and it's seen better days, consider taking on a revamp with paint. This bright yellow door is way more fun than a plain white one and can be admired from the connecting kitchen, too.

While you may shy away from painting an entire wall of your home in this color, there's nothing wrong with a bold shade in moderation.

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Try a Multifunctional Decal

door with decal

Nikole Starr

This screened decal may simply look decorative, but in actuality, it is perfectly multifunctional. For one, it adds charm with its "laundry" sign and basket cutout taking a simple door to the next level. But secondly, it makes it difficult to see directly into the laundry room, which is always helpful in case you have guests coming over and there are still piles of clothes on the floor. No one will have to know about the mess that lies behind it.

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Install a Hanging Bar

hanging bar over door

Jeannette Lockmiller

Don't let your door space go to waste. Installing a metal bar above your door will allow you to take advantage of this area to dry hanging clothes as needed. It's important to always remember to make your space work for you and your everyday needs. This particular bar is industrial looking in style, but you can most certainly source a variety of options to find a piece that caters to your aesthetic.

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Grab Some Curtains

curtains in laundry room

Dans le Lakehouse

Perhaps your laundry room doesn't have a door and you're looking for a way to section it off without taking on a major DIY. Why not hang curtains to keep your laundry machine and supplies nicely hidden while adding some color to your space? Whether you choose to sew your own curtains or purchase pre-made ones is up to you.