14 Laundry Room Ideas to Make Laundry Day Your Favorite Day

laundry room ideas

 Design: Kate Lester, Photo: Lauren Pressey

Raise your hand if laundry day is your favorite day of the week. No takers? Understandable. While it's inevitably super-satisfying to start Monday with a stack of freshly folded clothes, sheets, and towels, the actual task of separating lights and darks, running load after load, and—worst of all—folding all those linens is enough to make us want to outsource our dirty laundry until the end of time.

But after seeing these stunning laundry rooms, we might be ready to turn over a new leaf—one where we actually *look forward* to getting our hots and colds in order. A far cry from the cramped closets of stackable units (or even worse, creepy basement laundry corners) we grew up with, these laundry rooms are as satisfying to look at as it is to cross that last task off your weekend chore list. With an airy, uplifting vibe and plenty of room to starch, iron, and line-dry to your heart's content, they just may change the way you think about running that wash cycle once and for all. And best of all, many of the tips and tricks we've spotted here are easy to replicate in your own laundry area.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your laundry basket (an easy and affordable pick-me-up) or pull off a floor-to-ceiling renovation that makes your washroom feel like a true destination in the home, there's a lot to be noted from the way these supremely stylish spaces work. (And if you're a city-dweller with no laundry space to speak of, take heart: you can likely replicate these looks in an entryway or hall bath just as easily.)

Click through for our favorite jaw-dropping laundry room ideas—it's a great way to avoid doing your weekend chores for a few minutes longer.

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Embrace Awkward Rooms

laundry room ideas

 Design: Design Works, Photo: Chad Mellon

This long, skinny laundry room proves that even awkwardly shaped spaces can become truly stunning in the right hands. The combination of grey hex tiles, bright white walls, and dark, moody cabinets lend a luxe (and very grown-up) feel to this space, while a well-placed blanket ladder (repurposed as a chic drying rack) makes it as functional as it is fashionable.

blanket ladder
Kirkland's Black Metal Wall Hanger $50
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Roll With It

laundry room ideas

Design: Ashley Clark, sKout, Photo: Ryan Garvin Photography

We've seen these handy butcher paper rolls pop up in playrooms for budding artists, and in the kitchen for grocery lists...but putting one in the laundry room just makes so much sense. Keep track of your to-dos (and remember to buy more whites detergent) in one fell swoop with this endless scroll of space for scribbling.

wall mounted butcher paper roll
George & Willy Wall Mounted Paper Roller $170
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Add Artwork

laundry room ideas

Design: Mindy Gayer, Photo: Lane J. Dittoe

A gallery wall next to the washer? We think it's a great idea. Give yourself something inspiring to gaze at as you fold towels, and bring a posh element to your home's most hardworking room with a diptych of abstract art. (Who knows—you might even start seeing Jackson Pollocks in those ketchup stains.)

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Pick Your Hue

laundry room ideas

Design: Dina Bandman, Photo: Christopher Stark

Is it just us, or does this space feel more like a cathedral to cleanliness than a regular old "laundry room"? This breathtaking room uses multiple types of tile and gorgeous indigo-blue wallpaper (reminiscent of your favorite laundry-day jeans, perhaps?) to transform the everyday into something extraordinary. The final touch: a tricked-out pet shower makes it easier than ever to get Fido squeaky clean.

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Add Texture

laundry room ideas

Design: Ashley Clark, sKout, Photo: Ryan Garvin Photography

If this picture had a smell, we're pretty sure it would be something like crisp linen and lavender. This bright white washroom just *feels* clean, from floor to ceiling...but textural elements, like leather drawer pulls and just a touch of polished brass, give it a unique personality and keep things interesting.

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Bring in Your Favorite Color

laundry room ideas

 Design: Kate Lester

Small space, big style: this nook is just big enough for a modest laundry sink, but what it lacks in square footage, it more than makes up for in "pin-worthy" looks. The on-trend sage green cabinet brings a breath of fresh air to the space, while charming accessories show how essential it is to style out even the smallest corners of your home.

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Go Streamlined

laundry room ideas

Design: Karin Bohn

The old adage is true—especially when it comes to a narrow laundry area. This galley-style space uses its footprint wisely, keeping things neutral to lend a feeling of openness. But while the vibe is open, the storage—crucially— is closed, making it easy to stash away anything that could cause the space to look cluttered. We love how this functional, floor-to-ceiling closet-filled space doesn't skimp on the accents, however. Unique brass knobs, delicately veined dove grey countertops, and a deluxe laundry sink bring an air of refinement to the room.

brass knobs
Schoolhouse Mid-Century Knobs in Natural Brass $22
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Remember to Accessorize

laundry room ideas

Design: Kate Lester, Photo: Lauren Pressey

This washroom has a decidedly bohemian air—and we can't get enough of it. Dark subway tile with a distinct natural character anchors the space, while grey-green cabinets bring juuuust the right touch of traditional style. But everything from the waist up is pure laid-back boho: air plants, Turkish towels, blown glass vases, and even a few snaps of beachy destinations—the perfect distraction when you're running your third load of hots of the weekend. A chic rattan laundry basket completes the look.

rattan basket
IKEA SNIDAD Rattan Basket $25
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Find Laidback Vibes

laundry room ideas

Design: Stefani Stein, Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Where do we even begin? The longer we look at this space, the more inspo we find. From the genius transom-style storage high overhead, finished with gleaming copper handles, to the unique light fixture, to the eclectic mix of tile that just feels so Cali-cool, we're taking notes on every element. But perhaps our favorite detail is the row of wire basket-style drawers, giving linens plenty of airflow to keep them fresh for the next set of guests who decide to drop by. We think these would be an equally genius addition in a pantry, for storing onions and the like.

wire basket style drawers
CabinetParts.com Heavy-Gauge Pull-Out Wire Basket $63
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Add Some Moodiness

laundry room ideas

 Design: Kevin Dumais, Photo: Joshua McHugh

Dudes: do your laundry! This sleek and masculine laundry room looks like it belongs in the world's most stylish bachelor pad apartment. The streamlined wooden cabinets (hardware-free, of course, for a more modern look) provide plenty of storage space, while the dark floors dial up the drama in the best way.

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Bring Out Your Wild Side

laundry room ideas

 Design: Liz Caan, Photo: Joe St Pierre

What's navy and white and squeaky-clean all over? The coolest zebra-print laundry room ever. If you look closely, you'll see that most of the elements in this sophisticated space are relatively traditional—the classic cabinets and oversized clothespins feel charmingly retro—but the bold zebra print wallpaper packs such a punch, the entire room is elevated to obsession-worthy status, instantly. If you've been waiting for a sign to bust out the bold wallpaper and give it a shot in your own home, consider this your call of the wild.

Navy zebra wallpaper
Willow Lane Textiles Zebra Print Wallpaper $72
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Add a Gorgeous Backsplash

laundry room ideas

 Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Jessica J. Alexander

It's no secret that bold floor tile can totally transform a space. But it's also true of backsplashes—and why should kitchens and bathrooms have all the fun? Bring your favorite unexpected tile into your next laundry room remodel to add some serious pizzazz to this unassuming spot. It'll bring a smile to your face every laundry day, and make your home's style feel more cohesive throughout.

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Design From The Floor Up

laundry room ideas

 Design: Society Social, Photo: Gretchen Murcott

We've said it before: wallpaper on the ceiling might be our favorite new unexpected trend. And when you put it somewhere even *more* unexpected, it only gets better. We love how this feminine paisley-esque pattern is juxtaposed with a more masculine marble slab backsplash, creating a very cool contrast that we'd be excited to see anywhere in the home. But in the laundry room, it's a full-on game-changer.

rattan stool
Society Social Letty Pencil Rattan Stool $695
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Be The Gold Standard

laundry room ideas

 Design: Lindye Galloway, Photo: Chad Mellon

Do a double-take. If you thought this stunning space, complete with brass statement lighting and an ultra-wide prep table might be a dining room at first glance, we understand—as laundry rooms go, it's downright palatial. But the things we love best about it can be easily replicated in any (read: much smaller) space—the visual interest and texture of bold lighting always elevates a room, no matter how small. And the eye-catching striped backsplash design is actually crafted out of penny tiles. See? Sometimes you've got to think small to make a big impact.

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