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15 Clever Ways to Organize Any Small Laundry Room

laundry room organization

Whittney Parkinson

You likely spend more time in your laundry room than you'd prefer, so it should be a space that works for you. If you have a small laundry room, you might have given up on attempting to create a space that is anything more than just a "dirty clothes in, clean clothes out," kind of room, but if you organize your small space correctly, it can be so much more than that—and, dare we say, make laundry day a little more enjoyable.

Here are 15 clever ways to organize any small laundry room.

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Designate a Spot for Your Ironing Board


Life As Mrs Builder

Your ironing board needs its own designated space, and leaning it against the wall does not count. You could hang your ironing board via hooks on the wall, but if you'd rather use your wall space for open shelving, there are other ways to get creative with ironing board placement, such as this pull-out ironing board drawer from Trina of Life as Mrs. Builder's gasp-worthy laundry room.

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Add Bins



Most organization connoisseurs know the power of bins, and the laundry room is no exception.

Bins are a lifesaver if you want to utilize open shelving but still create a space to store different categories. They help all your items have a home, which is key when organizing a room, no matter its size. In your laundry room, they can house categories such as cleaning products, towels, dryer sheets, etc.

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Label Everything

Ashley Jones Hatcher

Ashley Jones Hatcher

And we mean everything. Finding a spot for each of your items is a task to begin with, but keeping them in their spot is another story. By labeling every category like design consultant and professional organizer Ashley Jones Hatcher shows in the laundry room above, you can easily place your items back in their home after you've used them.

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DIY a Countertop


Stacie's Spaces

If you subscribe to the countertop-anywhere-and-everywhere thinking, then DIYing a simple countertop over your appliances will help keep your space clear and fresh, like Stacie of Stacie's Spaces.

The fresh flowers are also a nice touch for a room that is mainly used for a chore. Why shouldn't you be able to have something that makes you smile in there, too?

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Stack Your Appliances


Rose Door Home

When you're only given so much space, you have to make it work, and Amilia of Rose Door Home does just that. By stacking her front-loading machines, she can maximize every inch of her tiny laundry room.

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Install Deep Shelving


Rose Door Home

By stacking appliances, Amilia allowed space for custom deep shelving to house her laundry items and clean—or ready to be clean—clothes.

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Utilize Baskets


Our Cozy White Home

Think that basket is decorative? Think again. Tatiane of Our Cozy White Home houses her laundry detergent, steamer, fabric softener, lint roller, and more in that basket. She keeps all of her items together for easy access and her chosen basket stays in line with her aesthetic.

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Hide Your Hamper


Our Hutley Home

Let's admit: a pile of dirty clothes is a pile of dirty clothes. But, when you have an out-of-eyesight spot for that pile of dirty clothes, it just makes the entire laundry room feel much more clean and bright. If you have room to have separate hampers to sort lights, darks, and the in-betweens, even better.

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Or Roll It Out of Sight


The Workroom

If you don't have enough space to hide your hamper in its own cabinet or drawer, the next best thing is a rolling hamper. Having the flexibility to wheel a hamper from a bathroom or closet will help keep clothes from piling up in a corner or overflowing from a traditional hamper.

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Utilize Canisters


Whittney Parkinson

Utilizing canisters for laundry pods, dryer balls, clothing pins, and the like will not only help you keep those items organized, but they look lovely when displayed on open shelving. If your items are in a clear canister, you might even allow yourself to forego a label.

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Use Every Space Available


A Dabbled Dwelling

No space was left unused in Kelsey of A Dabbled Dwelling's small laundry room. She DIYed an open shelf above her appliances, as well as a shelving unit between the washer and dryer for easy access to her most used items.

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Cabinets and Custom Drawers Count, Too


Iekel Road Home

Aly and Greg of Iekel Road Home also didn't leave any space unused, but they opted to go the cabinet route instead of using open shelving. The result is a fully utilized space and the ability to close it off if maybe it doesn't stay quite as organized as you'd hope.

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Repurpose a Bookshelf



Don't want to DIY shelving or install cabinets? Repurpose a bookcase for your laundry room needs. If you're a renter, this is an especially great way to keep your laundry day items organized and get your deposit back.

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Add a Vertical Hanging Rack


Interior Impressions

Traditional hanging racks are not only a sore sight, but they take up a good amount of space, which, when you're working with a tiny laundry room, is not an option. By installing a vertical fold-up hanging rack, you can hang your damp items when needed and fold it up against the wall when you're not using it. Either way, it's out of the way.

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Have Space to Hang Clean Clothes


Whittney Parkinson

Speaking of hanging clothes, if you have space for even a small hanging rod in your laundry room, it's worth it. Being able to hang blouses or damp clothing in a convenient space immediately will help keep your entire room working for you.

Whether you're installing a pull-out ironing board drawer or opting to place your detergent in adorable baskets instead of sitting atop your washing machine, when your small laundry room is hyper-organized, it's more enjoyable to be in. We guarantee the chore will be marked off your to-do list that much faster.