10 Laundry Room Organization Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

Photo: Kate Osborne; DESIGN: Studio McGee

If you're anything like us, then you dread laundry day. Between sorting your clothes into separate piles, schlepping your basket to and from the laundry room, and folding everything once it's hot out of the dryer, doing laundry can be such an arduous task. Not to mention the shrunken clothes, the missing socks, and the many settings to decipher when you start a load (what even is permanent press?).

To make laundry day seem less taxing, we sought out stylish storage solutions that would alleviate some of our biggest organizational pain points. From a pretty linen storage ladder to a convenient clothing rack to a comprehensive storage cart, we've compiled all the organizational tools you could possibly need to make laundry less of a chore. Keep scrolling for laundry room organization ideas that might make you look forward to folding.