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10 Laundry Room Paint Colors That Make Chores Much More Fun

Laundry room with black floor

Citizen Design Co.

Let's face it—no one looks forward to laundry day. While we all love the smell of fresh laundry and the look of a closet filled with perfectly folded sheets, the actual task of dealing with baskets of dirty laundry can be arduous. Plus, while the rest of our home may be well decorated, there's a good chance you have ignored the décor in your laundry room. But this space doesn't have to be all work and no play.

While you can certainly invest in a floor-to-ceiling laundry room upgrade that will make the space your favorite room in the house, even a coat of paint can go far when it comes to creating a welcoming space.

To help you improve your laundry room, we chatted with designers and got their favorite paint color ideas for this space. From dark to bold to neutral, here are some of their favorite picks.

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Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

Gray laundry room
Design: Moore House Interiors

If you are hunting for a classic hue for your laundry room, a clean gray like Repose Gray is an ideal choice according to Ashley Moore of Moore House Interiors. This color, she says, creates "a look that will be classic for many years" so it's a great option for a big laundry room update.

sherwin williams repose gray
Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray $38.00
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Sherwin-Williams Festoon Aqua

laundry room colors

Etch Design Group

On the other hand, a laundry room is also a great place to experiment with color, says Moore. "Laundry rooms are their own space, so don’t feel like you have to make the laundry room design the same as other rooms in the house," she says. "You can give them their own unique design and ‘personality’ with fun paint colors."

A pop of color like Sherwin-Williams Festoon Aqua gives a laundry room a bit of interest, without feeling too punchy.

sherwin williams festoon aqua
Sherwin-Williams Festoon Aqua $38.00
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Benjamin Moore Pure Joy

Laundry room with a yellow door

Design: Michelle Lisac Interior Design

Photography: Jennie Cort Photography.

Want to add an energetic burst of color to keep you motivated on those long Sunday chore days? Consider yellow paint, says Michelle Lisac of Michelle Lisac Interior Design. A pop of color such as Pure Joy on an interior door or a built-in storage unit is a wonderful way to transform a laundry room without a lot of effort.

benjamin moore pure joy
Benjamin Moore Pure Joy $45.00
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Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Laundry room with light cabinets
Design: Michelle Lisac Interior Design

While bright colors are fun for a hint of the unexpected, Lisac's favorite choice for a laundry room is a simple neutral like Classic Gray. But if you're worried about a light color getting messy in a laundry room, Lisac says to focus on a paint's durability. "Make sure you choose a paint and a sheen that will hold up to water and dirt," she says. "An eggshell finish is wipeable but not super shiny."

benjamin moore classic gray
Benjamin Moore Classic Gray $45.00
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Sherwin-Williams Sage

laundry room colors

Dlux Design & Co.

Rosemary Cappellano of Dlux Design & Co. loves Sherwin-Williams' Sage. “Laundry rooms are a great space to try something a little bit different," she says. "Green keeps the room soft, inviting, and pairs beautifully with the brass faucet and cabinet hardware.”

Sherwin-Williams Sage $38.00
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Benjamin Moore Dove White

Kitchen with golden fixtures
The Citizen Co.

Sometimes the best choice is the simplest one. Carli Roger of Citizen and Co. absolutely loves Dove White. This neutral white color is soft enough to play well with nearly any paired hue, but offers just enough depth and a hint of warmth to work on its own as well.

benjamin moore white dove
Benjamin Moore Dove White $45.00

While a crisp white hue will offer a clean look, we like white shades with a bit of warmth to keep the space from feeling too sterile or stark.

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Valspar Ginko Tree

laundry room paint colors

Karon Zins / Instagram

Green is a fresh color that evokes the feeling of renewal and energy, so it's no surprise designers love using it in their laundry rooms. Experimenting with a green shade in your laundry room is a great way to add a pop of color—we recommend it as a cabinet color or on an accent wall when a laundry room is in a shared space.

valspar ginko tree
Valspar Ginko Tree $37.00
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Farrow & Ball Plummet

laundry room colors

Life as Mrs. Builder

Farrow & Ball Plummet is a rich, robust gray paint color that can make a small laundry room feel larger. If the rest of your home has a neutral palette, introducing a darker color like this one can keep a uniform look from room to room while still giving your laundry room a purposeful feel.

farrow and ball plummet
Farrow & Ball Plummet $110.00
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Benjamin Moore Black Iron

laundry room colors

Lo Designs / Instagram

Black is an unexpected color that will pack a big punch in a laundry room, says Michelle Salz-Smith of Studio Surface. "It feels edgy and somehow still clean," she says. "It's a great counterpoint to terra cotta flooring and a patterned backsplash."

black iron
Benjamin Moore Black Iron $45.00
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Sherwin-Williams Studio Blue Green

living room paint colors

Blissful Design Studio / Instagram

A rich greenish-blue like Studio Blue Green is a wonderful choice for a laundry room if you want a moody color that has a lot of personality. Green in certain lights, blue in others, this color is versatile and unique.

sherwin williams studio blue green
Sherwin-Williams Studio Blue Green $38.00