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19 Gorgeous Laundry Room Shelving Ideas For an Organized Space

Laundry room with shelve

Rachael Somerville

We get it—even a beautiful laundry room can't make laundry day totally painless (although it sure can help). Laundry is one of those chores we all have to do, but rarely are we excited about it. But even if laundry day isn't your favorite day of the week, the right layout and setup can make this chore feel a little less mundane.

Here, we've rounded up great shelving ideas to make your laundry room a bit more functional (and beautiful, too).

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Keep it Simple

Laundry with shelf on top of washer and dryer

Home by Polly

This simple, light-filled laundry room isn't overly decorative, but it has just enough storage space to be useful. The open layout is airy and light, which keeps it welcoming, and offers a single countertop shelf above the washer and dryer for folding. A wall-mounted cabinet adds extra storage out of sight.

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Add a Pop of Color

Laundry room with light green cabinetry

DLUX Design & Co.

Though the shelf in this laundry room has a simple unfinished wood look, the light green cabinetry is a great match. Together, this laundry room feels fresh and modern, with just enough personality to make laundry day a bit less of a bore.

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Consider a Mudroom Combo

Mudroom and laundry room combined

KG Designs

Not enough space for a mudroom and a laundry room? With some clever use of your existing real estate, there can be enough for both a laundry room and mudroom storage—and the shelving pictured here doubles for both needs. If you have a combination laundry room and mudroom, consider shelving and storage options that can suit both coats and laundry detergent.

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Don't Forget Hooks

Laundry room with shelf above sink

Light and Dwell

A simple shelf with hooks is a great choice in the laundry room. Though you may typically associate these types of shelves with coats and entryways, they can also be invaluable in a laundry room. The shelf adds a bit of storage space, while the hooks give you real estate to hang items to dry.

Duncan Bronze Shelf With Hooks
Pottery Barn Duncan Bronze Shelf With Hooks $99.00
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Take Advantage of the Architecture

Attic laundry room

Jessica Neslon Design

Even if your laundry room isn't in a beautiful attic like this one, you may have to work with the real estate you have and sometimes that means very little wall space to hang shelves. Instead, look down. Here, cabinetry and a low shelf add extra storage and a place for baskets.

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Consider Floating Shelves

Laundry room with unfinished wood shelves

Lemon Leaf Home Interiors

An easy way to add additional storage in your laundry room is by adding a few floating shelves. Floating shelves require less wall space than a traditional bracket unit and offer a landing for frequently-used items and even a few decorative elements.

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Add Shelves for Laundry Baskets

Laundry room with cabinets and shelves

Margaret Wright Interior + Lifestyle Photog

A few built-in shelves can keep your laundry baskets out of the way and give you a place to store dirty clothes before they go into the washer. If you don't have a whole cabinet unit, mount a few shelves lower to the ground where you can easily slide a laundry basket.

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Mix in Wallpaper

Laundry room with wallpaper

Stephanie Hoey Interiors

What's better than a laundry room with useful and chic shelves? A laundry room with shelving storage and eye-catching wallpaper. Wallpaper is a perfect choice for the laundry room because it gives it a bit of personality without a lot of effort.

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Use Shelves for Decoration

Laundry room storage with objects

Studio RIU

Who says that shelves need only be useful? Consider using a few shelves in your laundry room to add a bit of style to your space and create a more welcoming room. Mix in a few of your favorite photographs of your favorite memories to make laundry day a little happier.

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Try a Laundry Room Island

Laundry room with an island

Whittney Parkinson

We have all seen islands in the kitchen, but what about in the laundry room? If you need more shelving and counter space in your living room and you have the real estate for an island, consider purchasing a rolling island.

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Decorate With Modern Farmhouse

Laundry room with shelves and black cabinets

The Cozy Farmhouse

Even if the rest of your home isn't decorated in a modern farmhouse style, a laundry room is a great place to incorporate this cozy aesthetic. A simple black and white color palette and a few vintage-inspired accessories can transform your laundry room. Opt for a rustic wood shelf over a modern, lacquered one if you have space.

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Add Cubby Spaces

Laundry room with shelves and baskets

Kira Turner

Here, a cubby shelving unit acts as the perfect place to store laundry baskets when not in use. This storage idea is simple to DIY for a custom look that fits your space perfectly, but you can also shop around for a cubby shelving piece that is already made.

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Squeeze in Corner Shelves

Green laundry room with shelves

Light and Dwell

This laundry room is everything we love in small-space decor—it's quaint, cozy, and welcoming, and uses every inch of space well. On top of the cabinets and floor shelves, there's also a corner shelving unit that adds a bit of extra space for decorative pieces to give the room even more personality.

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Use All the Wall Space

Laundry room with natural wood shelves

We Remodel It

Don't be afraid to fill all of your unused wall space with floating shelves. Before you hang, consider what the shelves are closest to (for example, if they're above the sink or the washer and dryer) and where you need the most extra storage space.

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Add Custom Wall Shelves

Laundry room in a closet with shelves

The Simply Distressed

If you're short on space in a small laundry room or laundry closet, a shelf or two can add essential storage. Instead of buying off the shelf, consider measuring your wall and DIYing one that fits it perfectly. This will give you more bang for your buck and provide a more finished look overall.

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Design a Pull-Out Shelf

Laundry room with a pull out shelf

Design: Bradshaw Designs

Photography: Stephen Karlisch

This stunning laundry room has everything you could need for laundry day (and so much more). Not only does it feature endless storage space, but there's also an innovative pull-out shelf under the washer and dryer to add the perfect landing pad for a full laundry basket.

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Up Your Shelfie Game

Laundry room with wall paper and shelving

Cathie Hong

Just because it's your laundry room, doesn't mean you shouldn't spend a little time creating a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing space. If you have enough hidden storage space, reserve your laundry room shelves for more decorative pieces that won't look messy or cluttered.

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Add an Industrial Shelf

Laundry room with modern shelves

This Crazy Life

If you want a shelf unit that's a little more unique and eye-catching, consider giving it an industrial flair. This iron and wood piece is perfect for adding extra storage above the washer and dryer while also lending an industrial look and feel. This is fairly easy to DIY, but you can also purchase a premade piece suited for your room.

Industrial shelf
allen + roth Tiered Shelf $60.00
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Add a Shelf in a Laundry Closet

Laundry room in a living room closet

A-List Interiors

Even if you don't have space for a full laundry room, a shelf can still be a helpful addition to a laundry closet. Here, a small but mighty laundry space is filled with storage, a sink, and a hanging bar for the drying closet, all in a compact package.