20 Smart Laundry Room Storage Ideas for Spaces Big or Small

laundry room storage

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Tramp

There's a huge difference between a laundry room that's overflowing with half-empty detergent bottles and one that boasts an organization system that makes you want to keep up with dirty clothes. Whether you're lucky enough to have a sprawling laundry room complete with its own window, or you've managed to fit a washer and dryer in a tiny linen closet, your washing space has the potential to store everything you need.

Because we want this often-overlooked space to function well and look even better, we put together 20 smart laundry room storage ideas that make a huge impact, no matter how much square footage you're working with.

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Create a Convenient Workspace

laundry room storage

Design: Kim Armstrong Interior Design, Photo: Michael Hunter

If you're lacking counter space or just need an area to fold clean clothes, a single shelf or tabletop positioned over your washer and dryer will do the trick. Secure it in place to double your working area.

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Utilize Corner Storage

laundry room storage

Design: Maestri Studio, Photo: Jenifer McNeil Baker

Most corner spaces have a tendency to go unused. If you ask us, that's a major missed opportunity in any laundry room, especially the small ones. A shelving unit that utilizes that space is an investment worth making.

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Hang a Drying Rack

organized laundry room

Maestri Studio

Hanging your clothes to dry is the best way to preserve your best items. But if you don't have a convenient designated space to hang them, items can pile up or inevitably end up in the dryer. Install a hanging rod of any size in your laundry room to keep things tidy and in working order.

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Install a Vertical Hanging Rack

laundry room storage

Design: Living with Lolo, Photo: Life Created

Traditional hanging rods can require a bit more space to be functional. But if you're strapped for space, you can still reap the benefits of a rod—without wasting valuable square footage. All you need is half of an empty wall to install a vertical fold-up hanging rack.

The best part? You can hang your damp items when needed and fold the rack up against the wall when you're not using it.

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Decant Your Supplies

laundry room storage

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Tramp

Laundry detergent and other products can come in bulky (and unsightly) packaging. Save space (and double up on style) with the help of beautiful glass containers. And if you want to score some extra credit, label your containers for a neat and tidy system.

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Utilize Space Over Your Washer and Dryer

laundry room storage

Design: JL Design, Photo: Reagen Taylor Photography

The space over your washer and dryer (especially taller machines) can be a bit harder to reach, but it's space nonetheless—so don't let it go to waste. Install shelves above and keep the items you use least here. You may need to break out a stool to access those items, but at least you'll free up more space for the things you use most often.

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Hide Your Washer And Dryer

laundry room storage

Design: Lindye Galloway Design Studio + Shop, Photo: Chad Mellon

You don't need a dedicated laundry room to have a laundry space. This custom hutch hides your washer and dryer when it's not in use, making it easy to hide your machines in a bathroom or kitchen.

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Stack Your Washer and Dryer

laundry room storage


When you're only given so much space, it's important to get creative with the placement of everything in it. By stacking your front-loading machines, you can maximize every inch of even the tiniest laundry room.

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Customize According to Your Storage Needs

laundry room storage

Design: Maestri Studio, Photo: Jenifer McNeil Baker

If the budget allows, you can't go wrong with custom cabinetry, no matter the size of your laundry room. Customize your build with your storage needs in mind, utilizing shelves, drawers, overhead cabinets, and cabinets down below.

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Make It Stylish

laundry room storage

Design: Kim Armstrong Interior Design, Photo: Michael Hunter

While it's not technically a storage solution, this is our favorite hack for keeping a workspace clean, tidy, and, of course, organized. Styling a laundry room—think: a fun wallpaper print, boldly colored cabinets, gorgeous hardware, hanging art, and fresh flowers—can motivate you to want to keep it clean at all times. Consider this the subconscious organization hack you've been needing.

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Utilize Pretty Baskets

laundry room storage


Baskets, while decorative, are incredibly functional storage solutions for every laundry room. Use them to hide everything from laundry detergent and fabric softener to lint rollers and a steamer in them. Keep all your items organized and out of sight—while making your space look cohesive and beautiful.

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Don't Let an Inch of Space Go Unused

laundry room storage


When you're low on space, you can't let even a few inches go to waste. The dead space between your washer and dryer is the most underutilized space in a laundry room. Slide in a wire drawer unit or any other narrow storage solution to double your organization space.

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Hide Your Supplies

laundry room storage

Life As Mrs Builder

Laundry room supplies can be bulky and make a washroom look cluttered. This space hides unsightly supplies when they're not in use, making for a gorgeous and functional laundry room.

We love how the ironing board folds into a drawer and the laundry basket slides out under the dryer door. This is a great way to preserve space while still housing all your essentials.

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Hang Your Hamper

laundry room storage

The Long Awaited Home

A hamper is a vital part of a laundry room, but they're often unsightly and bulky. We love how this tiny wash room utilizes unused wall space to organize dirty clothes. And the best part is you'll have plenty of space to separate colors from darks and whites, without eating into valuable floor area.

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Hang Your Supplies

laundry room storage

Mo and the Jungle Shelf

As much as we love a perfectly curated supply shelf, space doesn't always allow for one. Hanging a rod above your workspace is the perfect solution for organizing your most-used laundry supplies. Hang items like scrubbing brushes, scissors, and even decor from S hooks to keep what you need within reach.

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Try Industrial Hampers

laundry room storage

Thompson Farmhouse

Larger hampers with build-in wheels make it easy to collect laundry and roll it in and out as needed. Eliminate the need for heavy lifting and add a super cool aesthetic to your laundry room, to boot.

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Make It Work Overtime

laundry room storage

Jodie The Design Twins

We all want more space, but the truth is, there is such a thing as a laundry room that's too big. If you're not using the entire space for washing clothes, utilize the other half for something you do need, like a mini home office.

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Breathe New Life Into Old Furniture

laundry room storage

Rustic Rose Homestead

Custom cabinetry can be expensive, but if a new build isn't in the budget, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the benefits of additional storage. Instead of paying for a contractor, consider moving in a pre-built storage unit. This hutch isn't only beautiful, it's the perfect place to hide fabric softener bottles and other wash room supplies.

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Bring In Additional Work Areas

laundry room storage


Center islands aren't reserved just for kitchens. This laundry room doubles in much-needed counter space with the help of a roll-away island, plus it comes with a ton of extra storage down below.

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Utilize Under-the-Sink Storage

laundry room storage

Design: Kim Armstrong Interior Design, Photo: Michael Hunter

If you have a sink in your laundry room, chances are the space under it is underutilized. Use it as a place to store larger items and additional cleaning supplies. And if you're concerned about ruining the aesthetic of your space, you can always hang a cute curtain to hide the unsightly space.