Laura Dern to Parents: Let's Teach Our Children to Speak Out

Updated 01/31/18
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

There was no shortage of messages of substance at last night's 2018 Golden Globes Awards, but Laura Dern's acceptance speech certainly stood out. The Big Little Lies star won the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series, or TV Movie and used her moment with the microphone to speak to parents.

Dern, who played successful executive and mom Renata Klein on the HBO series, first touched on a challenge her character faced on the show. "Many of us were taught not to tattle," Dern said in her speech. "It was a culture of silencing, and that was normalized. I urge all of us to not only support survivors and bystanders who are brave enough to tell their truth but to promote restorative justice. May we also please protect and employ them."

The award-winning actress then spoke directly to parents, imploring them to encourage children to speak out, even when they're scared. "May we teach our children that speaking out without the fear of retribution is our culture's new North Star," she continued. "Bless you. Bless everyone who worked on this. All the people who support me and my beautiful children, thank you for all of your work and love. Good night." Whether parents of young children or not, there's something all of us can learn from Dern's wise words.

Of course, Dern wasn't the only memorable speaker. We highly recommend reading Oprah's full Golden Globes speech transcript. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when the inspirational star received the Cecil B. DeMille Award at last night's show.

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