Lauren Conrad Shares Her Wedding Day Apple Pie Recipe

Traditional wedding cakes are always a delight, but if you have another favorite dessert you love, why not serve it instead for a more personal touch? That's exactly what fashion designer Lauren Conrad did for her recent September wedding to William Tell, and the results couldn't have been more charming. On her eponymous site, Conrad recently wrote: "Apple pie is my very favorite dessert to bake and to eat, and I just couldn’t imagine serving our guests anything else. So, a few weeks before my wedding, my dear friends Lauren Lowstan and Hannah Skvarla helped me to assemble and freeze over 50 apple pies (talk about good friends!). Lauren [Lowstan] is a professional baker, so she shared her commercial kitchen, freezers, and expertise with us. We were able to use my own apple pie recipe, and then on the day of the wedding all Lauren had to do was pop them into the oven and they were ready to go!"

Now the star is sharing her apple pie recipe, which she has perfected over the years. Head to to learn how to make it!

What dessert did you serve on your wedding day? Would you consider serving a non-traditional treat? Tell us in the comments below.