This Is Exactly What a Celebrity Trainer Eats in a Day



When you walk into one of Lauren Kleban's intimate LEKFIT workouts, you're greeted with rows of individual trampolines, hand weights, and, perhaps, a celebrity or two. Busy Philipps, Emmy Rossum, and our own co-founder Hillary Kerr are committed devotees of the classes, and it's not difficult to understand why. Kleban is the fitness expert, celebrity trainer, and former professional dancer responsible for conceptualizing the dance-inspired workout. Each class requires stamina, strength, balance, and coordination to help students create long and lean muscles. 

It's clear that the mastermind behind these intense workouts knows a thing or two about health and wellness. "As a professional dancer, moving into the fitness space was a very natural and organic transition," Kleban tells MyDomaine. "I have always been very interested in fitness and food, and how food is used to fuel and nourish our bodies," she continues.

Hoping to glean a few tips from the fitness pro, we chatted with Kleban about her regular health routine, from what she eats in a day to her workout schedule and self-care rituals. Keep reading to find out her favorites foods, her healthy habits, and her advice for anyone who feels stuck in a health and wellness rut.