5 Things to Talk About Today

  • Steve Jobs's widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, is pledging $50 million to alter school curriculums. The initiative, called XO: The Super School Project, will "explore potential efforts to alter school curriculums and technologies in a bid to develop new educational methods." Powell said the ultimate goal "would be to select as many as 10 of the best concepts to financially back." For years Powell has financed the College Track program, which assists low-income students to enroll and succeed in college. — The New York Times
  • A GoPro has been recovered from space with some phenomenal images. In 2013, student Bryan Chan and his friends attached a GoPro to a weather balloon and released it near the Grand Canyon but lost connection when it fell back to earth. Thanks to a hiker, the GoPro has since been recovered, along with the stunning footage. A four-minute video shows views of Earth from a maximum altitude of 98,664 feet, or 18 miles, and flew for a total of 98 minutes. — Tech Radar
  • A paralyzed man has been fitted with a prosthetic arm, and he can "feel" with it. The breakthrough technology has given the 28-year-old man a new sense of touch thanks to electrodes placed directly into his brain. The new research and clinical trial was carried out by DARPA, the U.S. Military's research agency. The man is now able to "control his new hand and feel people touching it because of two sets of electrodes." — Gizmodo
  • Janet Yellen is considered one of the most powerful women in the world. Yet very few, about 30% of the U.S. population, have ever heard of her. She is the leader of the Federal Reserve, America's central bank. Yellen along with committee members are expected to vote for a raise in the key interest rate, which will be the first time in almost a decade. This will signal that the U.S. economy is healthy but could also trigger "violent swings" in global markets. How Yellen handles the interest hike will define her career. — Money
  • A Newark dad has posted his son's eighth-grade school schedule to show inequality in education among public schools. Frankie Adao, the student’s father, published the class schedule on his blog: Chronicles of a Modern Dad, which shows math, science, and English classes primarily. Other parents in "suburban and better-off communities" posted their child's schedules that showed more lesson choices. Adao has since posted the schedule on a Facebook page for educational activists, Save Our Schools New Jersey. — The Washington Post