How to Decorate With Lavender in Any Room of the House

bedroom with lavender pillow

Tyler Karu Design

Lavender may not be the first color you reach for when decorating your home, but there are so many reasons you shouldn't write it off. In fact, there are many spaces in your room that require a lovely, calming hue like lavender like your bedroom or a spa-like bathroom. That's why we chatted with our favorite designers to see how they bring this shade home.

We wanted to find ways to bring this tranquil, inviting color back into the spotlight so we chatted with a handful of our designers to get their ideas for decorating with lavender.

Want to be inspired to decorate with this pale purple color? Read on for some of our favorite ideas straight from experts.

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Opt for a Lavender Accent Piece

purple chair

Design: Michelle Gage  

Photo: Rebecca McAlpin.

We love filling a corner with an accent chair because not only does it add extra seating, but it provides a wonderful opportunity to pull in a color you may not be ready to commit to for, say, your entire couch.

I love using the color lavender," Michelle Gage, founder and creative director of Michelle Gage Interior Design says. "It’s such a soft shade that works well with so many colors. I particularly love it when it is balanced with blues and whites, like this wallpaper here."

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Pair Alongside Bolder Colors

Room with purple chairs

Design: KT II Design 

Photo: Michael J. Lee 

One of the best attributes of lavender is how soft and understated it can be. It's a rich color that sits back when darker, bolder colors are nearby.

Kalah Talancy, principal designer at KT II Design uses it here to tone down deeper colors in the room. "We love the softness of lavender and how it can bring color to a room in a more subtle way," she explains. "It also works very well with other stronger colors you might be working with."

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Make Lavender the New Neutral

Lavender bedroom

Gold a la Mode

We love that lavender can appear saturated and colorful or sit back and take on a more muted approach, depending on the room. Here, lavender works with the boho-inspired decor to create an understated yet interesting look that is not devoid of color.

Consider pairing lavender with oranges or yellows. A good rule of decorating with color is to find colors opposite the color wheel to add visual interest.

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Don't Neglect the Fifth Wall

Purple ceiling

Design: Dekay and Tate

Photo: K. Hayden Rafferty 

"Lavender works with a variety of other colors, but brings just a bit more drama into a space, like you see here when we put it on the ceiling of this bedroom," Eleanor Trepte, partner and lead designers of Dekay and Tate Interiors, says.

The often forgotten "fifth wall" is a lovely opportunity to sprinkle in some romantic color, especially in a bedroom. If you're hoping to make more of a statement with lavender, consider a richer version closer in-depth to a medium purple.

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Layer More Muted Colors

Bed with purple pillows

Design: Think Chic Interiors

Photo: Regan Wood

Malka Helft, principal designer at Think Chic Interiors loves layering in lavender with lighter hues such as gray and deeper purples for a multi-faceted look.

"I love mixing shades of purple with gray for a very subtle yet impactful look in a bedroom," she explains. "It is both inviting and elegant."

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Consider Where to Go All Out

Purple bathroom

Design: Think Chic Interiors

Photo: Hulya Kolabas

There are a few spaces where lavender just makes perfect sense. It's a tranquil, inviting, and peaceful color so we love using it in rooms where you want to create a wind-down feeling. While you can experiment with lavender without painting your entire room, a paint job is a great way to make a larger impact with this understated color.

"For me, lavender is a calm color that works perfectly in spaces where you want to feel serenity, like your bathroom," Helft says. "It adds an overall relaxed feeling to the environment while staying elevated."

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Consider Lavender in Textiles

Canopy in purple

Design: Mel Bean Interiors

If you love the idea of lavender but you aren't ready to commit to paint or buy new furniture, Mel Bean, interior designer at Mel Bean Interiors suggests bringing in a pillow or blanket in the shade. Adding a canopy to a child's bed or swapping out neutral duvet covers for a lavender one can be a great way to add color without overwhelming the space.

"Incorporating lavender fabrics and accessories into a space can instantly transform it into a calming and inviting retreat," she says.

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Try Lavender in the Kitchen

Lavender kitchen

Design: Mel Bean Interiors

If you're like us, you may want to experiment in a much more unexpected way when it comes to color. While a softer lavender may be less surprising in a bedroom or a bathroom, pulling in a deeper version in a kitchen is definitely a way to turn heads.

"Lavender and blue combine nicely for a show-stopping cornflower blue color that works nicely on cabinets or shelves," Bean explains.

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Transform a Small Space

Lavender bathroom

Design: Mary Patton Design

Mary Patton, owner of Mary Patton Design says, "Lavender works well in smaller spaces and adds an air of sophistication." She also notes, "I like to pair lavender with bright whites and the contrasting color of gold-yellow fixtures."

Elevating a cozy space can be tricky, but a color like lavender can give it a load of personality without crowding the smaller footprint.

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Add Accents in a Bedroom

Lavender curtains

Design: Christina Kim Interior Design 

Photography: Raquel Langworthy

Christina Kim, founder of Christina Kim Interior Design says lavender is a great choice for spaces where you want to create a feminine vibe that doesn't feel overly sweet or subdued.

“Lavender was the perfect choice in this primary bedroom for my strong, feminine badass client," she explains. "It’s chic, sophisticated and feels like a bit of surprise."

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Pair With Natural Materials

Lavender bedroom curtains

Erin Williamson Design

We love decorating with natural materials such as leather or wood, but on their own, they can sometimes feel too warm or dark. Lavender is a great color to cool them down, while still giving off that neutral, natural vibe.