This Airport’s New Terminal Is for VIPs Only

Los Angeles International Airport has just announced plans for a small private terminal, The Wall Street Journal is reporting. The new terminal will have a secluded gated entrance that is approachable by car. Travelers will get screened by the Transportation Security Administration privately and then be driven across the airfield straight to stairs to board their flights. Access to the special terminal, which is called the Los Angeles Suite, will cost $1500 to $1800 per trip. The cause for the terminal? Frequent flying celebrities and the paparazzi who follow them. “LAX has become increasingly concerned about injuries and disruption in what are already very crowded facilities from paparazzi and from fans racing about with smartphones to get pictures of famous people. It seems to happen daily and is a drain on airport police and cause of delay for many travelers,” explains the WSJ. LAX expects about 100 customers per day to use the Los Angeles Suite—10% of which will most likely be celebrities. The airport isn’t the first to launch a VIP terminal; ones in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, and Tel Aviv all have a similar first-class terminal experience.

The next time you’re walking through the airport to check a flight, carry a stylish tote bag.

Would you use LAX’s VIP terminal if you could afford it?