This Home Décor Hack Instantly Transitions Your Home Into Winter

As soon as the thermostat drops, the first thing we update is our wardrobe, layering knits, scarves, and coats to brave the chill. But as that crisp fall breeze becomes a frigid winter frost, it's time to turn your attention to your home and adopt the same approach, layering décor.

While transitioning your home with cozy accessories is a natural step—you've probably already tossed textured cushions and a thick throw on the sofa—we've noticed that this season's stylish interiors have one thing in common: layered rugs. "This trend is definitely on the rise," says interior designer Elizabeth Lawson. "It can work well in any home. It's all about selecting a style of rug to suit your home—that's the most important thing to consider."

Sally Gotfredson, design manager at One Kings Lane, says this trend is the ideal way to experiment with seasonal colors. "It's perfect for bringing in different colors you couldn't otherwise commit to—or don't feel right in your home year-round," she says.

It might seem simple, but layering rugs isn't a two-step process. Here, we called on leading interior design and rug experts to find out their top tips for perfecting winter's most inviting trend. Follow these five steps to choose, layer, and style the perfect rugs for your home. Winter, we're ready for you.

Step One: Consider the Room Size


Just because a room has an existing rug doesn't mean it's suited to this trend, says Gotfredson. Layered rugs add color and texture, which means small rooms can become cluttered. "If you have a lot of solid furniture in the space and can hardly even see the rug, then don't bother," she says. "Save it for a room where it can really add something and not contribute to clutter."

If you're struggling to style a large space or an open-plan home, layered rugs can be used to your advantage, says Sam Moradzadeh, principal of Woven and creative director at Studio Woven. "I like the way a layered rug looks in an open floor plan. The openness of a room flows so well with a layered look," he says. Rugs can be used to group furniture and create clear social areas, ideal for a living room. "It evokes a grounding feeling where family and guests feel welcome to gather within."