6 Show-Stopping Store Windows Inspired by Books

Last week, La Cienega Design Quarter, the main thoroughfare for design showrooms in Los Angeles, held its annual Legends Week, a three-day celebration of design and style that invites interior designers to create elaborate window vignettes. This year's theme, Novel Interiors: Storytelling by Design, encouraged designers to choose a literary work as the inspiration for their show-stopping window displays, and showroom passersby and spectators visiting from near and far took in over-the-top-displays inspired by celebrated tomes like Sherlock Holmes, Valley of the Dolls, and Memoirs of a Geisha. We hate to pick favorites, but, well, we're going to. Here are a few stunning vignettes that truly made us want to pick up a book (or a chair).
2 Designer: Kelly Sutton Showroom: Antique Rug Co. Novel: The Great Gatsby Vignette: Antiques, a real zebra hide, and tufted chairs recall the opulence of the flapper era, while mustard fabric hangings echo the original book's vivid yellow hue.
4 Designer: Catherine Kwong Showroom: George Smith Novel: Mrs. Dalloway Vignette: A trail of red paper flowers was inspired by the first line of Virginia Woolf's novel: "Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself."
6 Designer: Thomas Callaway Showroom: Harbinger Novel: A Moveable Feast Vignette: Cardboard blowups of Ernest Hemingway and his compatriots, a well-stocked bar cart, and early 20th century paintings recall Hemingway's years spent hanging in Paris with fellow ex-pats like Gertrude Stein.
8 Designer: Martyn Lawrence Bullard Showroom: Nathan Turner Novel: Goldeneye Vignette: A chicly outfitted four-poster bed is prepped for a man on the go -- James Bond -- with a suitcase full of black leather accessories.
main Designer: Tyler Dawson Showroom: Ralf's Antiques Novel: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Vignette: A curvy modernist wooden side chair mimics the shape of the iconic yellow brick road, while a luxe Louis Vuitton trunk suggests the voyage to Oz will be stylish.
12 Designer: Christian May Showroom: Woven Accents Novel: One Thousand and One Nights Vignette: Flying carpets looked and piles of gilded books looked nothing short of magical in this rug store vignette.
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