Top Designers Tease Details From This Week's Biggest Event

This week, some of the country's top designers and style setters will descend upon West Hollywood for the sixth annual La Cienega Design Quarter Legends event. At the center of this three-day celebration of style and design are the elaborately decorated window vignettes which line the district's streets and attract spectators from far and wide to gaze at the ultra-styled and occasionally over-the-top displays. This year's theme, "Novel Interiors", encourages the more than 40 participating designers to choose a literary work and create a show-stopping design based off its theme or message. While we'll have to wait until Wednesday for the big reveals, we asked a few of the imaginative designers to give us a tease of what we can expect from their vignettes.


3 Words to Describe Your Design: Whimsically Fun Naughtiness! Why Did You Choose Valley of the Dolls?  Jacqueline Susann's classic novel of the 1960's still serves as a wonderful cautionary tale of how easy it is to fall from the peaks of success down into the valley of excess! How Are You Conveying the Story Through Your Design? We are bringing the story forward and closer to home...and having a bit of fun with our interpretation...besides, who doesn't like to look at pretty girls dressed up in haute couture fashion?

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Quaaludes Canister, $138, Jonathan Adler Round Pintuck Pillow, $34, Urban Outfitters The "Portofino" Arm Chair, Dragonette Private Label, $1875, Dragonette

3 Words to Describe Your Design: Jamaican, colonial, 1940's Why Did You Choose Golden Eye? While a best selling novel and blockbuster movie by Ian Fleming, Golden Eye is also the name of his sacred sanctuary home in Jamaica where he in fact wrote all the novels of 007 and his adventures. I am currently designing Fleming's original villa which is now the hotel Golden Eye, so my design is an ode to Fleming's writing atelier at Golden Eye which inspired all the James Bond movies. How Are You Conveying the Story Through Your Design? The whole ambiance of this space is more about the atmosphere of Golden Eye, the place that truly inspired all of Fleming's James Bond novels, rather than a direct reference to that book. It's an interpretation of the essence of the man that would be Bond.

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19th Century French Desk, $5850, Nathan Turner Minka Aire Terrana Kocoa Ceiling Fan, $450, Lamps Plus 1940's French Mustache Leather Club Chair, From $1610, Restoration Hardware

3 Words to Describe Your Design: Ominous, primal, savage Why Did You Choose Lord of the Flies? Lord of the Flies is a classic - a novel that once you have read, you cannot shake.  Sadly, in 2014, bullying, isolation, and savagery are as much a part of our human experience as they were in Golding's story.  These are primal elements of human nature that we all must fight against, for to succumb is to give in to the worst side of our souls. How Are You Conveying the Story Through Your Design? We wanted to create an enveloping sense of the jungle in all its lush and menacing glory and decided to do so by commissioning a custom mural inspired by the work of Henri Rousseau. Rousseau's dense, almost childlike style is the perfect language to communicate the boys experience on the island.  In particular, we wanted to express how Piggy must have felt in this seeming paradise - alienated, alone, threatened, and above all, far, far away from the civilized world that could save him.

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Sculptural Paper Mache over Pottery Folk Art Pig, $850, 1st Dibs Framed Botanical, $950, 1st Dibs Vintage Leather Valise, $495, Jayson Home


3 Words to Describe Your Design: Graphic, introspective, and effective

Why Did You Choose Fifty Shades of Grey? I chose this novel as a nod to current pop culture.

How Are You Conveying the Story Through Your Design? My window explores the idea of submission and conveys an alternate view of reality based on one's perspective.

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Hotel Melody Bedspread, $495, Frette Peter Combe Artwork, Price Upon Request, Peter Combe  "Wired in Coal" Jeff Andrews Wallpaper, Price Upon Request, Astek

3 Words to Describe Your Design: Eccentric, curated, and luxurious. Why Did You Choose The Beautiful Fall? I have always been fascinated with the various stories behind creative people. Everyone has a unique and interesting path and progression. Learning about the experiences of others helps put my own work and life into some perspective or context. It's also a pretty juicy read with a lot of Parisian society involved. How Are You Conveying the Story Through Your Design? My window is an homage to Yves Saint Laurent, one of the focal characters of the book.

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 Serge Mouille 'Saturne' Wall Lights, Price Upon Request, 1st Dibs  Prisma Chair by Voitto Haapalainen, $9500, 1st Dibs Gunmetal Glazed Ceramic Lamps by Jean Marais, $7500, 1st Dibs 

3 Words to Describe Your Design: Thoughtful, whimsical, and eclectic Why Did You Choose Animal Farm? I still remember reading Animal Farm in school (way back!) and thought it was the perfect novella to showcase our playful style and take a classic story and give it a modern twist. George Orwell's masterpiece is known for its dark, satirical story of revolution, and we turn it upside down with a playful interpretation of animals on parade -- not marching the revolution, but reading! How Are You Conveying the Story Through Your Design? Our flock of  sheep -- seven to be exact -- will be sporting vintage glasses and reading while parading and maybe singing a bit! Another vignette will showcase the symbolic poker game in an unexpected manner. Since the story reflects the challenges of the 1940's, we thought it would be interesting to reinterpret it in true House of Honey style, with our artful mix of old and new.