The Career Advice Every College Grad Needs to Hear, From 3 Women at the Top

Forging a career path when you're in college can seem like a daunting task, but there's no doubt that stepping outside your comfort zone to take a risk—be it big or small—can have a serious payoff. That was the resounding message at Learning to Lead, a panel discussion MyDomaine hosted at CF Clubhouse, a pop-up co-working hub for college students. 

Our panelists might be at the height of their career now, but each explained how the decisions they made during college or internships altered their path. For Amanda Zuckerman, co-founder of Dormify, it was the bold move to start a business in her freshman year; for Emily Bibb, global marketing director of S'Well, it was offering to teach her then boss and current mentor about social media; and for Kristen Flanagan, deputy editor of digital at Architectural Digest, it was choosing her classes based on passion, rather than a clear career end-goal—a move that has enriched her as a writer today. 

Didn't make it to the CF Clubhouse? Here are the three most powerful career lessons we learned.