Sheryl Sandberg Shares the Importance of Leaning In Together


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

As women across the nation and the world gather today to support the Women's March on Washington and elsewhere to stand up against the current state of the world, the strength that's forged in the solidarity between women is impossible to ignore. Almost four years ago with Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg sparked a nationwide conversation about women in the workplace—encouraging women to fight for the respect and power they deserve. Now more than ever it's time for women to find their strength and question the status quo, and Sandberg is expanding the conversation, calling on women to invest in, support, and rely on each other.

The Lean In non-profit's latest campaign, Together Women Can—also coined as #LeanInTogether—has celebrities like Emma Watson, Kerry Washington, and Selena Gomez joining the conversation and endorsing the effort. Last year, Lena Dunham dedicated a Lenny Letter newsletter to the movement, calling on Sandberg to share her tips. Revisit them today, and instill them in your daily practice hereafter.

Stand up for each other. "Women don't get credit for their own ideas," Sandberg says. "Often they have the experience of a man sharing the same idea later at a meeting and being told it's genius." To combat this, play a proactive role and reassign the acknowledgment where it's due. "Help other women get credit by saying, 'I loved when Lena said that five minutes ago, and I'm glad you brought it up again,'" Sandberg says. "It's a great move that helps everyone. The woman who helps looks communal and fosters goodwill, and the woman with the great idea gets the credit."

Get behind ideas, not gender. "We have to correct for the biases women face," Sanders says. "You shouldn't feel obligated to support a woman because she is a woman, but because you believe in her ideas and capabilities. It's the right thing to do, and it creates a work environment that is better for everyone."

Grow the #girlpower cycle. The power of togetherness couldn't be more evident than today. "When we help each other, it's a self-reinforcing positive cycle," Sandberg says. "When we support each other, we grow. And once you get to critical mass, it's much better for all of us."

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