This Buzzy Diet Clears Brain Fog and Helps You Lose Weight (Without Exercise)

Ever since we asked our readers what they knew about lectins last year, we've seen more people tune into Steve Gundry's, MD, theory that "plants don't like us." So for a quick recap, lectins are proteins found in hundreds of common foods like wheat, tomatoes, beans, potatoes, seeds, and more, and Gundry says if you want to heal autoimmune disease, IBS, arthritis, migraines, and brain fog, then you need to "stay away" from them completely.

Kelly Clarkson recently attributed his Plant Paradox diet to help her cope with an autoimmune disease and thyroid condition that emerged in 2006—she subsequently lost 37 pounds. "I feel like people are now tuning into the idea of lectins when it was such a foreign concept at the time," Gundry says of the recent spike in interest. "The idea that lectins may be the missing link in so many health problems is not a surprise to me, as for 17 years via blood tests in thousands of patients, it was clear that they were the problem. Having said that, it is gratifying that what my patients have taught me has now helped more than 400,000 people around the world fix their health. I'm so thankful."

My husband and I have been slowly acclimating to the diet too, and it has significantly helped with his brain fog. He has been gluten-free for a while now but was still feeling symptoms. Gundry says this is because many gluten-free products on the market also contain other lectins. "What amazes me is that even people who have been gluten-free (gluten is a lectin) feel so much better when they take their gluten-free (but lecti-full) foods out of their diet," he explains. "This confirms other researchers studies that I cite in the book that most people who go gluten-free for a Celiac disease are still positive for Celiac two years later unless they remove other lectins."

Even if you don't have an autoimmune disease, there can still be effects from eating lectins long-term. "I just presented a paper at the American Heart Association showing that even 'normal' people attack their arteries in an autoimmune response by eating lectins, and that this attack diminishes if they stop eating them," says Gundry. "Not a day goes by that somebody writes to tell me how shocked they were that this was the missing link in turning their health around. I couldn't be more proud to help so many people."

Of course, removing some of the most common ingredients from our diets isn't an overnight change we can make. To help, Gundry launched his second book The Plant Paradox Cookbook and below he kindly shares four recipes for you to make at home. Be sure to scroll to the end to shop Gundry's lectin-free grocery list too.