Left-Handed People Are Quicker Thinkers, Says Science

For centuries, left-handedness was viewed as a physical abnormality, one that some scientists believed significantly disadvantaged a person. Today, new research into the obscure science of handedness is flipping the script; one study republished by the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health even found a relationship between left-handedness and quicker, more efficient thinking.

"Left-handed people tend to have faster connections between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which leads to quicker information processing," writes Huffington Post of the study. The Australia-based researchers analyzed participants' performance on a task that required the use of both brain hemispheres and another that asked them to use both sides of their brain at the same time.

Time and time again, the left-handed participants were faster at processing the information that crossed between the two hemispheres—something the researchers perceived as a cognitive advantage (especially for sports and video games). However, it's worth bearing in mind that the research is far from conclusive and that brain asymmetry is still a relatively uncharted science. At the very least, though, this study sheds a positive light on a historically maligned physical trait.

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