10 Ways to Turn Your Leftovers Into an Exciting New Meal

Last week I was at a hip new restaurant in San Francisco that had the most amazing French fries. They were creamy and soft on the inside yet perfectly crisp on the outside. The only problem was that we ended up with a surplus of them. My friend’s new girlfriend gave me a weird look when I asked for the extra fries and grilled broccoli rabe in a doggie bag. “Won’t they get soggy?” she asked. I didn’t know and I didn’t care, because I had other plans for them. “I’m going to make a really delicious tortilla tomorrow for lunch!” I explained enthusiastically. She just smiled and looked at me like I was crazy, but as I was eating the scrumptious Spanish tortilla the next day, I felt like she was the one missing out. I have always loved leftovers because they present so much possibility—why not turn them into an exciting new meal? With a little kitchen know-how, an open mind, and creativity, you can transform leftovers into something just as spectacular as the original dish. Here’s how it’s done.