These New Condoms Will Change the Way You Think About Sex

You can now have protected, upscale sex with your partner, thanks to pleasure object specialist company LELO. The Swedish company has created the world's first "luxury" condom, marking the first time condom technology has been significantly updated since the mid-1940s. Dubbed the HEX, the new condoms feature a luxurious, hexagonal design that "defies slip and breakage while offering an ultra-thin construction," according to Cool Hunting

Founder and lead engineer Filip Sedic developed and tested the HEX condom for over seven years, aiming to revolutionize the way people think about safe sex. By listening to the many complaints of both condom users and non-users alike, Sedic developed the best, most luxurious condom on the market. The end result is probably the chicest condom you've ever seen, from the geometric construction inside to the sleek packaging outside.

"We need a luxury element to sex. People need to feel good about what they're doing. It's the best way to remove the stigma around this—and around the condom," said Sedic to Cool Hunting's editorial team. "We see our role as trying to bring a good solution to impact lives. Condoms are one big aspect of life that it seems like people do not care about enough, perhaps because there is fear. We feel we can contribute a lot to this—to the dialogue, the education and even the usage."

HEX condoms run at just over $3 per condom, or $110 for a 36-pack, compared to around 40-cents per condom for a pack of 36 Trojans. Curious? Pick up a package of HEX condoms for yourself and share your thoughts on LELO's efforts below.

Opening Image: Dust Jacket