Exclusive: Tour Lena Dunham’s Vibrant Girls Dressing Room

There’s nothing Lena Dunham creates that doesn’t bring us a little sense of wonder. She’s crazily creative, funny, smart, clever, quirky, and provocative and incredibly driven—all the qualities we admire in a working woman. Needless to say, when the creator, writer, and star of Girls invited us for a tour of her dressing room in New York, we jumped at the chance—eager to see what kind of dreamland both inspires and rejuvenates her during her downtime.

How Dunham spends her time in the pastel pink lounge is very simple, she tells us: “40% work, 30% nap, and 30% snack.” Spending as many as 18 hours a day at the studio, she wanted “desperately to be able to retreat, meditate, rewrite, secretly snack, and yes, nap HARD,” she says. “I also love gathering my castmates and writing staff, or just gossiping with my partner Jenni Konner.” To that end, she tasked her assistant and friend Liz Watson with helping her to create “a serene yet playful space that felt like home.”