The Ultimate Leo Gift Guide

Leo season (July 23 to August 24) has arrived. To help you nail the perfect celebratory gift for the lions in your life, we've compiled a hit list of must-haves the gregarious sun sign is sure to love. By nature, Leos adore the pomp and ceremony around receiving thoughtful gifts, so presentation is everything—the more specific and elaborate your approach, the more they'll feel the love.

When choosing a gift for Leos, it's all about indulgence. The vivacious sign has a palpable lust for life and loves to luxuriate. Elevated offerings from pampered primping to statement art will duly reflect their spirited joie de vivre. Leos are far from wallflowers, so don't be afraid to gift a lion with a bold conversation piece. The clever and curious sign enjoys being ahead of the crowd. Fiery, ostentatious details and customized editions will go over like gangbusters—in a word, bespoke. Leos love gifts that feel tailor-cut to fit their unique personalities, and fortunately, we've got some suggestions teed up. We'll give you the inch—go ahead and take the mile. 

Pampered Digs

The Now

Leos love to be pampered. Surprise them with a massage or spa treatment booking. The fire sign is sure to appreciate the extra (professional) attention. Lions' manes need lots of stroking.

Fuse Vert Vertical Vinyl Record Player
Fuse Vert Vertical Vinyl Record Player $200

Generous and driven Leo loves to show off on occasion. Gift them with statement-making editions of their favorite home décor go-to's. This vertical record player is a conversation piece they'll take pride in sharing the limelight with.

Let It Bleed [50th Anniversary Edition]
The Rolling Stones Let It Bleed [50th Anniversary Edition] $17

Pay homage to Mick Jagger's Leo signage with a Rolling Stones vinyl. The Glimmer Twins are a party in themselves.

Love Kills Neon Sign
NeonArtShop Love Kills Neon Sign $481

A light that never goes out, neon is a fitting tribute to the sun sign's dynamic vitality and easy confidence. 

Cashmere Eye Mask
Herschel Cashmere Eye Mask $24

Leos love to luxuriate, and nothing says decadence and comfort like a chic and sophisticated cashmere sleep mask.

Moment Bluetooth Remote
Moment Bluetooth Remote $40 $16

This clever Bluetooth iPhone accessory is a remote shutter for your smartphone camera. Let your favorite lions capture all their right moves via the palm of their hand. They love to vamp, after all.

Handmade Ceramic Pitcher
By Kelly Ceramics Handmade Ceramic Pitcher $42

By nature, Leos tend to be great connoisseurs of art and culture. Go for vibrant and original takes on practical items. They'll appreciate anything that elevates the everyday to art.

Sid Mashburn Craighill Trophy Bottle Opener $95

Strictly utilitarian goods get a pass; however, distinctive flourishes on basic home goods will turn the lion's head. This sculptural brass bottle opener doubles as a chic tabletop accessory. Leos find beauty in everything. Celebrate their critical eye with brazen details. 

Lola James Harper Guitar Shop Candle
Lola James Harper The Guitare Shop Candle $50

While Leos definitely appreciate a grand gesture, the lighthearted and enthusiastic sign will be easily smitten with a small nod that feels uniquely tailored to them. For the music aficionado breeds, this rock 'n' roll–centric candle delivers in spades.

Winter 2019/2020 | Guest Designer Mark Gonzales
Zoetrope: All-Story Winter 2019/2020 - Guest Designer Mark Gonzales $15

Leos love to be on the cutting edge of new happenings. Grab a limited-edition print magazine or indie-label publication to appease their maverick sensibilities.

Rectangle Marble Jewelry Box
Mercer41 Rectangle Marble Jewelry Box $62 $53

Bring a sense of drama to your favorite lion's den by spoiling them with the finer things. Marble and gemstone accessories win out.

Abstract Paper Framed Art Zen22264B - Option A
Zentique Abstract Paper Framed Art Zen22264B - Option A $218

The sun sign is magnetically drawn to people, places, and things that stand out. Soulful artwork that tells a story or evokes a powerful mood will have them swooning.

Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Perfume
Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Perfume $134

Tom Ford's evocative and sensual Costa Azzurra is inspired by the beaches of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. The fragrance features bursts of invigorating evergreen and driftwood, with notes of oak, juniper, and dry herb. It's an ideal signature scent for lions, who take great pride in their personal grooming. 

Ari Seth Cohen Advanced Style
Ari Seth Cohen Advanced Style $35 $25

Leos love a tastemaker. Share in their affinity for true originals with a distinctive coffee table book. Ari Seth Cohen's timelessly chic edition is among our all-time faves.

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