Why It’s Better to Have Fewer Friends

In the social media world, the more friends you have, the better. This means you’re an influencer who people look to for new ideas and hot trends. However, a recent Quartz article written by Tony Crabbe says that having more friends doesn’t make us happier. In fact “the growth in the number of our friends has actually been accompanied with an increase in social isolation. We are more connected, yet more alone.” We are trained to think that more is better in most aspects of life, but it’s not the case when it comes to relationships—whether they be virtual or in person.

According to the story, “close friends and confidents are hugely valuable,” and “people tend to have five people closest to them, then the next level of closeness involves 15 people.” Crabbe believes that spending quality time with your closest 15 friends and family members will directly impact your longevity, happiness, and health. He recommends that we think of our Facebook friends as social snacks but not proper friendship nourishment. “If we neglect our few, in favor of the many, we will fail to thrive.” When I think about my closest relationships, I count seven people, including my parents and sister, who are a part of my inner sanctum.

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How many close confidantes do you have?