22 Compelling LGBTQ+ Books That Should Be Required Reading for Everyone

Whether we read to find ourselves, to see beyond our own experiences, or to escape the moment, literature, at its best, is both soothing and disruptive. James Baldwin said it best: "Art has to be a kind of confession. … If you can examine and face your life, you can discover the terms with which you are connected to other lives, and they can discover them, too. … This is a very great liberation for the suffering, struggling person, who always thinks that they are alone."

So today we're rounding up LGBTQ+ books that tell stories with innovation, love, wisdom, dazzling language, and compelling characters. It's safe to say that they should be required reading for everyone. We broke the list down into a few categories, consisting of kid- and teen-friendly reads, poetry collections, screenplays, and graphic novels, fiction, and lastly, groundbreaking queer theory books. Scroll the 22 life-changing books below to pick the ones you want to add to your bookshelf.